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Final Fantasy 16 Weapons: All FF16 Weapons List

Final Fantasy 16 Weapons: As the main protagonist, Clive will rely on a wide variety of weapons to defeat enemies and overcome challenges throughout the vast realm of Valisthea. In this guide, we will provide you with an extensive list of all the weapons available in the game, their respective stats, and valuable information on how to obtain and upgrade them.

Weapons can be crafted with the assistance of Blackthorne, a skilled blacksmith whose forge can be found in Cid’s Hideaway. To create your desired weapon, you will need to collect specific materials and pay a crafting fee. Exploring the world of FF16 and engaging in battles will often reward you with valuable materials that can be used for crafting.

If crafting isn’t your preferred method, you can also purchase weapons from Charon’s Toll, conveniently located in Cid’s Hideaway. Keep in mind that weapons come at varying prices, ranging from a few hundred Gil to several thousand Gil. It’s also worth noting that you can sell any extra or unneeded weapons to Charon’s Toll for additional Gil.

Upgrading weapons is an essential aspect of maximizing their potential. By investing in weapon upgrades, you can enhance their stats, unlock new abilities, and increase their overall effectiveness in battle. Pay attention to the resources required for upgrades and seek out the necessary materials during your adventures.

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a diverse range of weapons, each with its own strengths and unique abilities. Experiment with different weapon types to find your preferred playstyle and take advantage of each weapon’s specific attributes.

Final Fantasy 16 Weapons: All FF16 Weapons List Final Fantasy 16 Weapons

Final Fantasy 16 Weapons List

The full Final Fantasy XVI Weapons list, along with how to get them:

Common Weapons

  1. Imperial Infantry Blade (75 Damage) – Starting Weapon
  2. Broadsword (80 Damage) – Purchased After Hide, Hideaway
  3. Longsword (95 Damage) – Purchased After The Wages of Guilt
  4. Bastard Sword (110 Damage) – Purchased After The Wages of Guilt
  5. Stormcry (135 Damage) – Craftable After The Wages of Guilt
  6. Gaia Blade (140 Damage) – Purchased After The Hunter and the Hunted
  7. Invictus (165 Damage) – Automatically During Holding On
  8. Flametongue (180 Damage) – Craftable After Buried Memories.
  9. Coral Sword (185 Damage) – Found in a chest during The Crystals Curse
  10. Levinbolt (195 Damage) – Craftable After Home, Sweet Home
  11. Platinum Sword (200 Damage) – Craftable After the Storm
  12. Grindstone (225 Damage) – Craftable After Getting to Work
  13. Enhancer (230 Damage) – Purchase After Out of the Shadow
  14. Diamond Sword (245 Damage) – Purchased
  15. Ancient Sword (252 Damage) – Found in a chest in The Steps of the Forgotten
  16. Excalibur (268 Damage) – Craftable After Blacksmith’s Blues II
  17. Brightburn (270 Damage) – Craftable After Things Fall Apart.
  18. Rune Blade (275 Damage) – Craftable After A Song of Hope.
  19. Icebrand (300 Damage) – Craftable After Across the Narrow.
  20. Masamune (310 Damage) – Found in a chest directly next to Notorious Mark In Skaithfarr.
  21. Everdark (315 Damage) – Craftable After Brotherhood.
  22. Defender (320 Damage) – Craftable After Streets of Madness.
  23. Gotterdammerung (375 Damage) – Craftable After Blacksmith’s Blues IV
  24. Stormcry Reforged (385 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  25. Flametongue Reforged (430 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  26. Levinbolt Reforged (445 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  27. Grindstone Reforged (475 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  28. Brightburn Reforged (520 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  29. Icebrand Reforged (550 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  30. Everdark Reforged (565 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+
  31. Ultima (700 Damage) – Craftable in New Game+

Legendary Weapons

  • Gotterdammerung

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