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Way of The Hunter Missions: All Story Missions

Way Of The Hunter Missions Story Campaign Walkthrough – a complete guide for the story campaign of Way of The Hunter. The story follows the players as you take over your grandfathers hunting business that has been plagued with a mysterious outbreak. Here is the entire mission list.

All Missions List

Here are the Way of The Hunter missions and side missions list:

  1. First things first
  2. Let’s get this party stared
  3. Echo
  4. Sure as Shooting – Hunt Mule Deer
  5. Not a Huffle Badger – Harvest 1 Badger
  6. Which one has a white butt – Harvest a mule deer or a white-tail deer
  7. General Tso’s Pheasant – Harvest 3Kg of pheasant meat
  8. Scout twice, shoot once
  9. Hollywood – Harvest Hollywood
  10. Wild Duck Foie Gras – Harvest 3 Wild Ducks
  11. Suspicious Activity
  12. Venison heart escabeche – Harvest a male and female white tail deer
  13. Forgotten Book
  14. Changing Times
  15. Duck or Goose Pancakes? – Harvest 4Kg of lesser scaup meat & 6Kg of Ross’s Goose meat
  16. Chimichurri Bear Steak – Harvest 2 black bears with 50% fitness
  17. Missing Child
  18. Riddle Me This – Solve The First Riddle
  19. Water Safety – find water contamination zones
  20. Animal Food Contamination
  21. Meat is the Answer – Harvest 1 Omnivore & 1 Herbivore
  22. Riddle Me This, part II – Solve The Second Riddle
  23. Riddle Me This, part III – Solve The Third Riddle
  24. The Fox and the riddle
  25. Reptilians in the woods
  26. Vietnamese mountain goat curry – Harvest 300Kg of Goat Meat
  27. Buried Secrets
  28. Elk Stew Bourguignon – Harvest 500Kg of Elk Meat with a fitness score of 50%
  29. Ain’t no cinnamon when sky’s gone
  30. BBQ Welcome Party – Harvest moose, mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, bighorn sheep

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