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Immortals of Aveum Quests: All Missions and Side Missions

Immortals of Aveum Quests – Welcome to Aveum, a captivating fantasy world immersed in an ancient conflict known as the Everwar. Only two kingdoms remain standing: Lucium and Rasharn.

In this game, you embody Jak, an extraordinary Triarch Magnus with exceptional power. Jak’s journey is unique, as he unexpectedly gains magical abilities while growing up in poverty and caring for orphaned children. When his home city falls victim to a devastating Rasharnian attack, Jak awakens his latent magical talents and is invited by Grand Magnus Kirkan to join the Order of the Immortals.

As part of the Order, Lucium’s elite battlemages, you will embark on perilous missions to defend the kingdom against Sandrakk’s oppressive Rasharnian regime. Traverse dangerous landscapes, confront formidable foes, solve puzzles, and forge alliances with fellow Immortals and loyal Lucium allies. Drawing upon your skills and collective strength, you will face the forces of Rasharn and other malevolent entities, striving to restore peace to Aveum.

Immortals of Aveum Quests

Immortals of Aveum mission list

Immortals of Aveum’s story missions are split into 18 main story quests each lasting no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes, with some as little as 25 minutes. The main campaigns total playtime is between 9 and 14 hours long, here is the full mission list:

  • Chapter 1: Streetwise – 30-50 minutes
  • Chapter 2: The Magnus – 15-25 minutes
  • Chapter 3: Yltheum – 40-55 minutes
  • Chapter 4: Road To The Palathon – 30-40 minutes
  • Chapter 5: The Immortals – 30-45 minutes
  • Chapter 6: The Hand of Sandrakk – 55-80 minutes
  • Chapter 7: Nocea – 20-35 minutes
  • Chapter 8: Exile – 50-65 minutes
  • Chapter 9: The Magic Eaters – 45-60 minutes
  • Chapter 10: Caldera – 35-50 minutes
  • Chapter 11: The Binding Mark – 20-35 minutes
  • Chapter 12: Colossal – 50-60 minutes
  • Chapter 13: Collateral – 25-45 minutes
  • Chapter 14: Ruin – 15-30 minutes
  • Chapter 15: Occupation – 25-45 minutes
  • Chapter 16: Glaivegate – 20-40 minutes
  • Chapter 17: The Shrouded Realm – 35-60 minutes
  • Chapter 18: Mala-Dar – 45-60 minutes

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