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Final Fantasy 16 Crafting: All Crafting Material Locations

Final Fantasy 16 Crafting – Crafting Materials play a crucial role in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) as they are obtained from defeated enemies scattered throughout the world of Valisthea. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of crafting materials, along with their effects, descriptions, and how to acquire them!

To utilize these materials effectively, you can craft powerful weapons and armor by visiting the skilled blacksmith, Blackthorne, who operates his forge known as The Black Hammer. Follow the steps below to make the most of your crafting endeavours:

Final Fantasy 16 Crafting: All Crafting Material Locations

How To Craft In FF16

  1. Locate Blackthorne: Begin by finding Blackthorne, the renowned blacksmith. He can usually be found in his forge, The Black Hammer, which is a central hub for all your crafting needs.
  2. Initiate Conversation: Engage in a conversation with Blackthorne. Look for the dialogue option that allows you to access the forge.
  3. Access the Blacksmith Menu: Select the Forge dialogue option to open the Blacksmith menu. This menu serves as your gateway to the world of crafting.
  4. Navigate the Craft Tab: Within the Blacksmith menu, you will find various tabs. Click on the Craft tab to explore the wide range of equipment available for crafting.
  5. Select Desired Equipment: Browse through the list of equipment and choose the item you wish to craft. Ensure that you have gathered the necessary materials beforehand.
  6. Verify Materials: Before proceeding, double-check that you possess enough crafting materials to successfully create the desired equipment. This will prevent any unnecessary setbacks.
  7. Craft Equipment: Once you have confirmed the availability of materials, hold down the Craft button to initiate the crafting process. Exercise patience as Blackthorne diligently crafts your equipment.

Final Fantasy 16 Crafting Materials List

The fullĀ Final Fantasy XVI Crafting Materials list, along with how to get them:

  • Magicked Ash – Location coming soon
  • Wyrrite
  • Steelsilk
  • Sharp Fang
  • Meteorite
  • Bloody Hide
  • Clouded Eye

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