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Immortals of Aveum Map: World Map and All Locations

Immortals of Aveum Map – Our story unfolds in the magical world of Aveum, shaped by centuries of conflict known as the Everwar. Within this realm, only two dominant powers remain: Lucium and Rasharn. Between them lies the imposing Wound, a vast and seemingly bottomless chasm that acts as a physical and symbolic division between the kingdoms.

In the kingdom of Lucium, our protagonist Jak emerges as a central figure. Aligned with the Order of the Immortals, Jak and his companions are determined to overthrow the oppressive regime of Rasharn. As part of the Lights Army, Lucium’s formidable force, they strive to safeguard access to magic and preserve the very fabric of their world.

Rasharn, Lucium’s archenemy, stands as a constant threat. Years of political strife and battles over magical supremacy have fueled deep-seated animosity between the kingdoms. With the ascent of the tyrannical Sandrakk, Rasharn has escalated its aggression, pushing Lucium and its allies to the edge of their endurance.

Within this volatile backdrop of political intrigue and magical conflict, our heroes face the daunting task of restoring balance and harmony to Aveum. They must navigate treacherous alliances, confront formidable foes, and navigate the complexities of a world on the brink of destruction.


Immortals of Aveum Map

Immortals of Aveum Map
Immortals of Aveum Map

Rasharn Locations

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Lucium Locations

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Oremen Locations

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K’Ley Locations

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Kalthus Locations

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