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Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: All FF16 Summons and Dominants List

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons – Welcome to the ultimate guide to Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16). Eikons are formidable summons that bestow Clive, the main character, with incredible powers known as Eikon Abilities. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the confirmed Eikons, their respective Dominants, elemental attributes, and detailed instructions on how to harness their powers.

Prepare to discover the awe-inspiring might of these Eikons as you unlock their true potential. From commanding the forces of fire with Ifrit to invoking the devastating powers of thunder with Ramuh, each Eikon offers a unique set of abilities to aid you in battle.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of these summons, unravel their elemental affinities, and master the art of unleashing their devastating attacks.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: All FF16 Summons and Dominants List Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons List

The full Final Fantasy XVI Eikons list, along with dominants are as follows:

  1. Ifrit:
    • Dominant: Clive Rosfield
    • Description: Eikon of Fire, grants Clive Fire-based attacks.
  2. Phoenix:
    • Dominant: Joshua Rosfield
    • Description: Large fiery bird that can consume enemies in flames.
  3. Garuda:
    • Dominant: Benedikta Harman
    • Description: Winged Eikon, shown battling Ifrit in single combat.
  4. Shiva:
    • Dominant: Jill Warrick
    • Description: Eikon of Ice, Clive is able to use Shiva’s powers in battle.
  5. Bahamut:
    • Dominant: Dion Lesage
    • Description: Giant dragon that spews blue flames, attacks Ifrit with long-range attacks.
  6. Titan:
    • Dominant: Hugo Kupka
    • Description: Large Eikon, fights Ifrit in single combat, can throw large boulders.
  7. Typhon:
    • Dominant: Currently Unknown
    • Description: Muscular floating torso with powers of the wind, appears as an enemy to Clive.
  8. Titan Lost:
    • Dominant: Currently Unknown
    • Description: Gigantic rock-based Eikon with tentacles, attacks with tentacles and spawns crystals.
  9. Ramuh:
    • Dominant: Cidolfus Telamon
    • Description: Eikon of Thunder, battles Ifrit, Clive uses Ramuh’s abilities in battle.
  10. Odin:
    • Dominant: Barnabas Tharmr
    • Description: Eikon of Air, depicted riding on horseback and wielding a massive sword.

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