BioMutant Character Customisation: classes, breeds and mutations explained

BioMutant Character Creation, Races, Breeds, Classes & Mutations. Here is everything you need to know about breeds, classes and Mutations in BioMutant when creating your own character. There are loads of options to choose from when customising a character and we have all options listed below.


There are 6 unique breeds to choose from, each with there own distinct look and each with different starting stats such as Health, Melee Damage, Ki Energy and Regen:

  • Primal – Primal is a nimble developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them nimble and dexterous at the cost of a lesser developed intellect.
  • Dumdon – Dumdom is the least developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid off-shoot that compensate lack of mental prowess with physical strength.
  • Rex – Rex is an extraordinarily developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid outcast with an even DNA string making it apt for both physical and mental challenges.
  • Hyla – Hyla is a regenerative developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them extremely tough and resistant.
  • Phip – The Fip breed is renowned for a highly evolved mind. Its genius is directly interlinked to the power of Ki which amplifies their Psionic output.
  • Murgel – Murgel is the definition of an idealized breed. Its evolutionary lineage has gone in a direction where form and appearance has dominated over function.

Character Mutations & Attributes

This feature allows you to customise your main attributes in game which will in turn affect the secondary attributes of your character. Note that the Luck attribute cannot be changed via the mutations wheel, it can only be affected with items in game like armor and weapons:

  • Vitality
    • Health
    • Armor
  • Strength
    • Melee Damage
  • Intellect
    • Power
    • Ki Energy
    • Energy Regen
  • Charisma
    • Barter
  • Agility
    • Move Speed
  • Luck
    • Critical Chance
    • Loot Chance


Different areas of BioMutant have different hazards to face, some regions might be frozen, while others are radioactive. Set your resistance levels to become more immune to certain types of elemental hazard or be an all-rounder. You can set your resistance up to 25% but keep in mine while it might seem like a good idea to focus all resistance to say cold, there are multi hazards in game like Cryo-Radioactivity:

  • Cold – Resistance to cryo
  • Heat – Resistance to Incindiary
  • Radioactivity – Resistance To Radioactivity
  • Biohazards – Resistance to biohazards


Picking a class is important as it can determine your playstyle, use the info below to pick the class that is best for you:

  • Dead-Eye – The Dead-Eye is a tricky, skilful rogue who’s chosen a life outside law and society values.
    • Perfect Reload – Your ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and your next magazine is granted +20% damage.
  • Commando – The Commando is trained as an operative of an elite special operations force. Commandos are used to working in smaller teams.
    • Fury – Ranged weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target.
  • Psi-Freak – Psi-Freaks are experimenting with psionic powers and mutations. They’re usually outcasts on the fringe of society.
    • Sparkball – To shoot a Spark Ball, press down the input you have bount the ability to. It will make you throw the ball in the direction you are facing, inflicting damage to the enemy you hit.
    • Megamind – Your Ki-Energy Regen is increased by 20%
  • Saboteur – The Saboteur is a cunning, skilled explorer trained to operate covertly in both suburbs and wilderness.
    • Twin Silver Grip – Melee Dual Wield Skill. Equip two different one-handed melee weapons to dual wield them.
    • Hypergenetic – Your Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20%.
  • Sentinel – Sentinels dedicate themselves to protect a house. Their dedication is for the organization as a whole, including supreme belief in their dogma.
    • Toughness – Your Base Armor is increased by 10.

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