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Outriders Journal Locations – All 339 Journal Entry Locations

Outriders Journal Locations - All 339 Journal Entry Locations

Where to get all journal pages in Outriders. There are 339 Secret Journal Entries to collect for the well-read accolade and 300 for the librarian achievement. In the game world there are 76 journals to collect lying around to find, technically there are 91 but 15 of those are related to missions and side missions and are not missable so im only showing the ones you can miss like the ECA journals and the private journals. #Outriders #OutridersGame #Outrider To Get All Journals You Must
– Talk To NPCs
– Complete the main story
– Do every side mission
– Do all hunter, wanted and historian missions
– Complete every expedition
– Find Journal Entries lying around the 18 maps Location & Timestamp 1. Rift Town 1:38
2. First City 5:03
3. Eagle Peaks 10:06
4. Deadrock Pass 12:19
5. Trench Town 13:37
6. Wreckage Zone 15:15
7. Quarry 817:37
8. Forest Enclave 20:23
9. Stronghold 22:22
10. Ancient Ruins 23:50
11. The Gate 24:09
12. Dunes 24:47
13. Utargak – No Journals
14. Desolate Fort – No Journals
15. Canyon of Obelisk – There are 2 journals but they are part of missions
16. Pax City 25:12
17. The Caraval 26:01
18. Outriders Camp 27:15 —————————————–
About The Game
Humanity’s efforts to colonize the alien planet, Enoch, went astray as the expedition team encountered a massive energy storm, known as “The Anomaly”, during their search for a mysterious signal—which may indicate hope for humanity’s future. The storm grants both Enoch’s inhabitants and the colonists superpowers. —————————————–
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