BioMutant Abilities and Skill: all abilities and skills and how to get them

BioMutant Abilities and Skills. Here is everything you need to know about abilities and skills you can earn in BioMutant to make the ultimate character. Abilities are split into three main parts, Wushu, Powers and Mutations and we have listed all of them in the guide below.

BioMutant Powers, Mutations and Wushu
BioMutant Powers, Mutations and Wushu

BioMutant Wushu

Wushu are usable combat techniques that come attached to all melee and long range weapons in the game. Each. When in combat you will fill a guage that once full can be used to activate your Wushu abilites or a Super Wushu technique. There are also unique wushu abilities that can be earned from levelling up different tribes.

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BioMutant Psionic Powers

Psionic Powers are mystical psionic abilities that the player can use with their mind in BioMutant. These Psionic abilities can be found by interacting with radioactive machinery and other radioactive objects found in the old world.

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BioMutant Mutation Powers

Mutation Powers are Physical abilities that the player can learn to use in BioMutant. These physical abilities can be found by interacting with bio-contaminated pools in the old world. These manifest into interesting abilities like growing claws, extra limbs or throwing up moths. These mutations are similar but different to the mutations you can change in character customisation.

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