Wasteland 3 Unique Weapon Locations

Wasteland 3 Unique Weapon Locations
Wasteland 3 Unique Weapon Locations

There are tons of unique weapons to collect in wasteland 3 and cover all types of weapon. They can be found in the game world, given as rewards for quests or finding secrets in game. The following is a list and location of each of the unique weapons.

Wasteland 3 Unique Weapon Locations

NameWeapon TypeLocation
Crossboom [Crossbow]Assault RifleBizarre Exterior
Dental PickBluntBizarre Exterior
Shrink RayLaser WeaponOld Survivalist Bunker
SpitfireFlamethrowerGett Family Homestead
Nitro ThrowerFlamethrowerClown Museum
Brainwave DestabilizerLaser WeaponDowntown CO Springs
Dorsey Family SwordBladedSnowed Inn Resort
The EmancipatorAssault RifleBizarre Weapon Shop
Last CallAuto ShotgunLittle Vegas
Last ResortRevolverMachine Commune
Patriarchs HammerBluntPatriarchs Palace
Red Ryder Air RifleSniper RifleSantas Workshop
Atom SmasherAssault RifleGodfisher Farm
Flamesaw CannonHeavy Machine GunYuma County Speedway
Fusion CannonRocketScar Collector Mine
Marshall’s LawRevolverRanger HQ (Delgado)*
Old Man WinterRevolverJimmy Bob CO Springs
Polar ExpressRocketJimmy Bob CO Springs
Polar VortexAssault RifleLittle Hell
RetrieverRevolverGodfisher Windfarm
Roasty ToastyFlamethrowerJimmy Bob CO Springs
Blade of WinterBladeJimmy Bob CO Springs
The Coming StormHeavy Machine GunYuma County Speedway
Fuser LaserLaser WeaponLittle Vegas
The GrizzlyBrawlingJimmy Bob CO Springs
KneecapperBluntJimmy Bob CO Springs
War PigHeavy Machine GunJimmy Bob CO Springs
WhiteourPump ShotgunJimmy Bob CO Springs
Ray TracerSniperRanger HQ (Delgado)*
Graviton ShredderHeavy Machine GunRanger HQ (Delgado)*
Plasma FistBrawlerRanger HQ (Delgado)*
NidhoggHeavy Machine GunAspen
Cold ComfortPump ShotgunAspen
Reagan’s GazeRocketDenver Ruins

*The Delgado weapons are available once you progress through certain points in the story, so keep checking his store often at Ranger HQ.


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