Wasteland 3 All Utility Locations

How to find all the utilities in wasteland 3. Each utility has a unique bonus that will either increase your attributes or improves your overall stats. The items can be found in the game world or received as a reward.

Wasteland 3 All Utility Locations

Nociception Clamp(Cyborg) Crit ResistanceMachine Commune
PDANerd Stuff +1Ranger HQ
Adrenal Enhancer(Cyborg) Combat Speed+1Bizarre Exterior
Rabbits PawCrit Chance +3%Crash Site
Silver Dollar NecklaceBarter +1Little Hell
Spiked CollarCrit Resistance +5%Bizarre Exterior
Tactical GogglesCrit Damage +0.2%Warrens (Quarex)*
Night Terror PlushDamage Vs Mutants 10%Machine Commune
EMP Cylinder (Cyborg)EMP BurstAspen
Defusal KitExplosives +1Aspen
Liver Box (Cyborg)Healing +35%Warrens
Leaders BannerLeadership +1Denver Ruins
Tool kitMechanics +1Downtown CO
Cerebral ModemCerebral uplinkMachine Commune
Optilaser9000OptilaserMachine Commune
Sonic EmitterSonic EmitterWarrens
Modders KitWeapon Mod +1
Armor Mod +1
Toaster BadgeToaster Repair +1Ranger HQ
Turbocharger (Vehicle Utility)Movement SpeedCannibal Jamboree
Thick GlassesWeird Science +1Union Station
BinocularsSurvival +1Bizarre Exterior
Veteran Ranger StarHard Ass +1Ambush Site
AviatorsHard Ass +1Union Station

*Available during the mission Quarex’s hellacious journey and is missable.


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