Wasteland 3 All Unique Armor Locations

Wasteland 3 All Unique Armor Locations
Wasteland 3 All Unique Armor Locations

The location of all the unique armors in wasteland 3 including chest armor, leg armor, and helmets. The armors can be found in the game world, looted or rewards for quests.

Wasteland 3 All Unique Armor Locations

Armor NameType/RatingLocation
ChemtekLeg Armor 8Santa’s Workshop
ChemtekChest 16Denver Ruins
ExoskeletonChest 27Patriarch Palace
Scar Collectors Mine
Machine ShopChest 4
Legs 3
Helmet 2
Ranger HQ
Waste DwellerHelmet 8Denver Ruins
SkullcapHelmet 7Cannibal Jamboree
CommandantsHelmet 6Ranger HQ
Grid IronHelmet 4Bizarre Exterior
MurdercrossHelmet 3Arapaho Caravan
ElectrohelmetHelmet 4Monster Bunker Bay
ChemtekHelmet 8Bizarre Exterior
Breathers MaskHelmet 7Little Hell
SolderpunkHelmet 7Department of Energy
Hog MaskHelmet 4Warrens
ExoskeletonLegs 13Paint Mines
Nuclear Knight’sHelmet 6Ranger HQ

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