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Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Berlin Challenges

There are 65 challenges to complete in the Hitman 3’s map Berlin, including discovery, eliminations and feats. However, many of these Berlin challenges require you to find certain items, certain areas or get keys, door codes and more. In this guide I will show you the location of everything you need to complete all of the challenges in Hitman 3s third destination Berlin.

The Berlin mission is slightly different to the other missions in Hitman 3 in that all the targets and there are 12 of them cannot all be eliminated on the first playthrough. You must eliminate 5 to complete the mission and then you can replay the mission to eliminate all the remaining assassination targets. Every other mission you can eliminate all targets on the first playthrough.

Berlin Mission Items & Locations

All the mission items and locations are found in these linked video guides, or you can watch them all in the video playlist at the top of this post. The the challenges are listed below.

Berlin Challenges List

Berlin Assassination Challenges

  • Crane trauma – eliminate agent Thames by setting up a crane accident
  • How the turntables – eliminate agent Montgomery and agent banner in the light show grand finale
  • drive it home – eliminate ICA agents at the evacuation tower
  • Rule of threes – eliminate 3 agents from the radio tower using a sniper rifle.
  • The 47th trick in the book – Eliminate agent Tremaine with his own rifle.
  • Versatile Assassin – Complete all the versatile challenges in Berlin: Piano man, someone could hurt themselves, hold my hair, straight shot, tasteless traceless.
  • Suck a bag of bricks – eliminate a target with a bag of bricks.
  • Waaagh! – eliminate a target with a scrap sword
  • Straight shot – Assassinate a target with a headshot
  • Tasteless traceless – Assassinate a target with a lethal poison
  • Someone could hurt themselves – Assassinate target in an accident
  • Hold my hair – Assassinate a target by drowning them
  • Piano Man – Assassinate a target with a fiber wire

Berlin Discovery Challenges

  • The golden ticket – Obtain a juice bar ticket
  • The wurst getaway – exfiltrate on the scooter
  • Shortcut Entrance Back Door
  • Scavenger – Obtain the scrap sword
  • The candy man – disguise yourself as the dealer
  • Discover berlin – Reveal all undiscovered areas in berlin
  • Full throttle – exfiltrate on the motorcycle
  • Chameleon – Find and equip all disguises in berlin
  • Shortcut biker basement door
  • The party starter – Disguise yourself as the DJ
  • Shortcut skylight ladder
  • Der Ami – disguise yourself as Florida man
  • The wurst disguise – Disguise yourself as the food delivery guy
  • The club owner – Disguise yourself as Rolf Hirschmuller
  • Devil’s Dandruff – Get a brick of cocaine
Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Berlin Challenges Berlin Challenges

Berlin Feats Challenges

  • The Wurst Delivery – Deliver food to the bikers
  • Whiteout – Envelope agent Chamberlain in a cloud of cocaine
  • T-47 – As a biker, complete the mission using only a shotgun/ Exfiltrate on the motorcycle
  • Paging Dr Greenthumb – Fumigate agent Rhodes in the growhouse
  • There was a firefight – Confront agent Montgomery
  • Herr Ziegler plus one – get on the guest list
  • Juiced up – serve juice to agent swan
  • Sweet Dreams – Pacify the drug dealer with a brick of cocaine
  • Spree Party – Dump someone in the canals
  • Concrete ornithology –
  • Trophy Au Natural
  • Coconut Ball Surprise

Berlin Targets Challenges

  • The veteran – Eliminate Agent Rhodes
  • The swan song – Eliminate Agent Swan
  • The wall – Eliminate Agent Banner
  • The sniper – Eliminate Agent Tremaine
  • The scout – Eliminate Agent Green
  • The professional – Eliminate Agent Thames
  • The joker – Eliminate Agent Chamberlin
  • The leader – Eliminate Agent Montgomery
  • The Englishman – Eliminate Agent Lowenthal
  • The Rookie – Eliminate Agent Davenport
  • Clean House – Eliminate all ICA agents

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