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Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Chongqing Challenges

There are 85 challenges to complete in the Hitman 3’s map Chongqing, including discovery, eliminations and feats. However, many of these Chongqing challenges require you to find certain items, certain areas or get keys, door codes and more. In this guide I will show you the location of everything you need to complete all of the challenges in Hitman 3s second destination Chongqing.

Chongqing Mission Items & Locations

All the mission items and locations are found in these linked video guides, or you can watch them all in the video playlist at the top of this post. The the challenges are listed below.

Chongqing Challenges List

Chongqing Assassination Challenges

  • versatile assassin – Complete the following versatile challenges in death in the family, piano man, someone could hurt themselves, hold my hair, straight shot, tasteless traceless.
  • Someone could hurt themselves – assassinate a target in an accident
  • Hold my hair – assassinate a target by drowing them
  • straight shot – assassinate the target with a headshot
  • piano man – assassinate a target with the fiber wire
  • tasteless traceless – assassinate a target with lethal poison
  • Stick it to the man
  • Venting some stress
  • Deprivation – Eliminate Hush when using his deprivation chamber
  • Mnemonic – Overload hush’s brain
  • Big bada boom – Eliminate Hush and Imagen Royce in one explosion
  • A shock to the system – Eliminate Imogen Royce with Electrocution
  • Cooling down – Eliminate Imogen Royce by drowing her in the core’s coolent
  • Bullet points – Eliminate Hush and Imogen Royce with a single bullet from a Sniper Rifle
  • Medium Rare – Eliminate Imogen Royce by having an employee start the core cleansing

Chongqing Discovery Challenges

  • Shortcut Facility Elevator Shaft
  • Training Hard – Escape Chongqing via the train station
  • The Beat – Disguise yourself as a street guard
  • Block Buster – Disguise yourself as a Block Guard
  • Shortcut Inner Courtyard – Unlock the door shortcut to the inner courtyard
  • Quite a Hatch – Unlock the secret hatch
  • Climbing the Corporate ladder – Disguise yourself as Mr. Prichard
  • Scoot Over – Escape Chongqing via the scooter
  • Super special door – escape Chongqing via the facility emergency exit
  • The downtrodden – Disguise yourself as a homeless person
  • Last resort – Obtain three block flyers
  • Apartment safehouse – Escape Chongqing via the apartment safehouse
  • Shortcut The Block Ladder
  • Dumplings Cook – Disguise yourself as a dumpling cook
  • Down the rabbit hole – Escape Chongqing via a manhole
  • Hack the planet – Obtain all tiers of the hacking access dongle
  • Discover Chongqing – reveal all undiscovered areas on Chongqing
  • Chameleon – Find and equip all disguises in Chongqing
Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Chongqing Challenges Chongqing Challenges
Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges

Chongqing Feats Challenges

  • Vengeance – Pacify 5 guards in the block with a hammer
  • Human error – disable the safety mechanism of the core chamber
  • Ease of pain – Relieave the test subject from the pain
  • Lei me to sleep – Pacify sister lei with a cowboy bust
  • A hair in my soup – Poison Mr Prichard
  • Mission Story All seeing eyes
  • Think! Tank! – Pacify a researcher with a toy tank
  • Going postal – Give Xiao Ming his special delivery
  • Killing the past – Delete the files on 47 and Diana Burnwood from the ICA data core
  • What a glorius feeling… – Pacify a dancing guard with an umbrella
  • Mission story Impulse control
  • Big Sister – Destroy five surveillance drones
  • Im happy again – Pacify the dancing guard…again
  • Contact – Make hush turn on the antenna
  • Mission story Certainty principle
  • The show must go on – make hush reset the test pod

Chongqing Targets Challenges

  • Eliminate Hush
  • Eliminate Imogen Royce

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