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Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Dartmoor Challenges

There are 85 challenges to complete in the Hitman 3’s map Dartmoor, including discovery, eliminations and feats. However, many of these Dartmoor challenges require you to find certain items, certain areas or get keys, door codes and more. In this guide I will show you the location of everything you need to complete all of the challenges in Hitman 3s second destination Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Mission Items & Locations

All the mission items and locations are found in these linked video guides, or you can watch them all in the video playlist at the top of this post. The the challenges are listed below.

Dartmoor Challenges List

Dartmoor Assassination Challenges

  • versatile assassin – Complete the following versatile challenges in death in the family, piano man, someone could hurt themselves, hold my hair, straight shot, tasteless traceless.
  • Someone could hurt themselves – assassinate a target in an accident
  • Hold my hair – assassinate a target by drowing them
  • straight shot – assassinate the target with a headshot
  • piano man – assassinate a target with the fiber wire
  • tasteless traceless – assassinate a target with lethal poison
  • Another death in the family –
  • One for the ages – Electrocute Alexa Carlisle during the photo shoot
  • I find this Amoosing – Kill alexa with her antler chandelier
  • Grave mistake – put alexa carlisle to rest
  • Keep calm and aim – eliminate alexa carlisle with a sniper rifle from the roof of the mansion
  • sweet dreams – eliminate alexa carlisle in her private room

Dartmoor Discovery Challenges

  • The bridge on the thornbridge river – escape the manor via the river bridge
  • magic is real – obtain a unicorn horn
  • thornbridge manor keys – obtain one of each thornbridge manor key
  • shortcut Balcony ladder
  • Elementary my dear diana – disguise yourself as the private investigator
  • discovery dartmoor – reveal all undiscovered thornbridge manor areas
  • chameleon – find all the disguises
  • shortcut maintenance ladder
  • Dogs secret
  • dont lose focus – disguise yourself as the photographer
  • dont rock the boat – escape the manor via boat
  • D’ya like dogs – obtain the bulldog cane
  • justice for a prize – disguise yourself as the lawyer
  • let’s go hunting – obtain the hunting rifle from the weapons locker
  • top gear – escape via motorcycle
  • bring out your dead – disguise as the undertaker
  • last responder – escape via hearse
  • tuppence – obtain both milton fitzpatrick bank tokens
  • house cleaning – find all clues in each location of interest in the murder mystery
Hitman 3 How To Find Everything For The Dartmoor Challenges HITMAN 3 Dartmoor Challenges
Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges

Dartmoor Feats Challenges

  • The raven – make the birds leave the graveyard
  • poison ivy – make poison in the distillery
  • close the chest – obtain the case file on Arthur Edwards
  • voyeurism – take a photo of flirting employees
  • proud undertaker – have the undertaker present the grave for Alexa
  • peeping 47 – spy on Alexa
  • a matter of justice
  • nothing as it seems – take a photo of Alexa Carlisle during the family meeting
  • Elton would be proud – pacify Edward Carlisle while he is playing piano
  • mission story – a day to remember
  • second hand news – pacify Gregory Carlisle with a newspaper
  • cue balled – pacify Patrick Carlisle with a pool ball
  • mission story means motive and opportunity
  • a matter of guilt
  • mission story her final resting place
  • dont kill the messenger – inspect the lawyers computer
  • Ding Ding Ding
  • make Alexa upset about the bell
  • a matter or loyalty –
  • say cheese – have the photographer take a photo of the Carlisle family
  • A private moment

Dartmoor Targets Challenges

  • Eliminate Alexa Carlisle
  • Find the case file

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