Doom Eternal Praetor Suit

The Doom Eternal Praetor Suit guide will give you a full list of all the available suit upgrades in the game.  The suit is available in the inventory and has a big list of upgrades and perks for your character split into 5 different categories.

The upgrades will help you to find collectibles, mission items or kill enemies easier.  Before you can unlock them however you must acquire skill points. Here is a list of all the available perks, and skills to upgrade for your Praetor suit.

Doom Eternal Praetor Suit

Exploration Upgrades

  • Item Finder – Reveals the location of all progression items on the Automap.
  • Slayer Atlas – Reveals the auto map station location on the Automap.
  • Item classifier – Reveals all progression items on the dossier.

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