Doom Eternal Runes

Doom Eternal Runes

The Doom Eternal Runes guide will give you all the details of what you need to know for the runes in game.  Runes enhance your abilities or enable new abilities in game.  You have limited rune slots and so must choose carefully the rune that best fits your playstyle.

Skills range from slowing down time, health regain or help with glory kills.

We have listed all of the runes below so you can easily decide what is best for you to equip in your rune slot.

Doom Eternal Runes

  • Savagery – Perform glory kills faster
  • Air Control – Greatly increase movement control when in the air.
  • Chrono Strike – Slow down time (needs to be recharges).
  • Equipment fiend – Enemies killed by equipment reduce recharge time of equipment
  • Punch and Reave – Enemies killed by blood punch will drop health.
  • Saving Throw – Survive a death blow and slow down time to give you a chance to recover.
  • Blood Fueled – Gain a speed boost after getting a glory kill.
  • Seek and Destroy – Launch into a glory kill from much further away.
  • Dazed and Confused – Increase how long enemies stay in staggered state.


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