Doom Eternal Controls

Doom Eternal Controls

Doom Eternal Controls

Take a look at the Doom Eternal Controls, user settings and other options like video options to get the most out of the game before it launches in March.  

The controller layout is similar to every other doom games but if you haven’t played one in a long time or are new to the game, here are the full list of controls.

Doom Eternal Controls

Doom Eternal Controls Guide

Doom Eternal Xbox Controls

  • RT – Fire Weapon
  • LT – Weapon Mod
  • RB – Switch Weapon/Weapon Wheel (hold)
  • LB – Equipment Launcher
  • Y – Flame Belch
  • X – Chainsaw
  • b – Dash
  • A – jump
  • R – Look
  • RS – Melee / Gory Kill
  • Dpad Up – Switch Weapon Mod 
  • Dpad Down – Mission Info
  • Dpad Right – Crucible
  • Dpad Left – Switch Equipment
  • Left Stick – Move
  • Select – Dossier
  • Start – Pause Menu


Doom Eternal PC Controls

Coming Soon!


Doom Eternal is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks.

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