Doom Eternal Video Settings

Doom Eternal Video Settings

Doom Eternal Video Settings

Take a look at the Doom Eternal Video settings and game controls to better understand the game before it launches in March. 

The visual settings allow you to make the game look the way you want it too.  Adjust brightness, calibrate HDR for your own monitor and even adjust film grain to get the perfect picture.

Doom Eternal Video Settings

Doom Eternal Video Settings Guide

Doom Eternal All Video Settings

  • Field of View 
  • Motion Blur
  • HDR Calibration
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Film Grain
  • Colourblind Rendering Mode


Doom Eternal Best Video Settings

Here are the recommended settings for the best image in game.  Field of view set to wide (90 or higher).  Motion blur set to off, HDR is set to whatever looks best on your own monitor.  Chromatic Aberration is your own personal choice but for a sharper picture turn this off.  Film grain adds to the atmosphere of the game but is not the best option for a clear picture so turn off.

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