Deathloop All Door Codes & Safe Combinations

A list of all locked doors and the door code combination locations to open them in Deathloop. click each link for a video guide on the code locations.

Door Codes & Combinations

  • Bunker Door Code – Inside the Bunker on the second loop, found on the back of a picture.
  • Fake Bunker Door Code – Unlocks a Trophy
  • Complex: Wenjies Lab Code – Karl’s Bay, book inside the safe in the Yerhva.
  • Complex: Power Station Code – Updaam, inside the RAK Bunker, on a note by the second RAK door.
  • Complex: Wenjies Lab Station Code – The Complex, note on a whiteboard downstairs in Wenjie’s Lab
  • Complex: Armory Code (noon) – The Complex – Room below armory that required battery to open
  • Complex: delivery booth Code – Complex inside the bunker where Fia is located (Noon)
  • Colt’s Apartment Safe – Fristad Rock, inside the AEON Security Office
  • Library Safe Code (Noon) – in Dorsey Manor, upstairs in Aleksis’ Room, on a desk (Evening)
  • RAK Door Code Outside Bunker – upstairs in the Archive directly outside the RAK Bunker (afternoon)
  • RAK Door Inside Bunker – Updaam, note upstairs inside Yasen Station. Fristad Rock, note on a table inside Sova Station. Karl’s Bay, tape recorder on the ground inside Akkar Station.
  • Smoker Building Door – Read The Pact of Smoke in the same room as the locks. read Vanya’s Pact of Smoke in her apartment. read Anatoly’s Pact of Smoke in his apartment.
  • gate outside the Archives –
  • Tunnel in Dorsey Manor
  • Delivery Booth Outside Library – Noon, inside the bunker where Fia is located
  • Otto’s Workshop container – found inside Otto’s Workshop on the minicom after destroying 5 fuse boxes in updaam (Noon)
  • Yerva Safe Code – in a bunker on Fristad Rock, afternoon and snowing
  • Karl’s Bay, door – Fristad Rock: inside the same safe (now open) out on some ice in the far back corner of the map, behind the bunker (afternoon)
  • door inside Dawn of Reason – Evening, in the same building as the door. You will have three minutes to enter the code, and the code will be split around the room in hidden paintings.
  • delivery booth Karls Bay – inside the bunker where Fia is located (noon)
  • generator inside Ramblin’ Rock Club – on a whiteboard in a room underneath Charlie’s Condition Detachment (noon)
  • Fristad Rock delivery booth – inside the bunker where Fia is located (noon)
Deathloop All Door Codes & Safe Combinations

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