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Deathloop How To Get All Mostly Naked Characters

Mostly naked characters in Deathloop are fixed spawn and missable enemies that appear in each map at certain times of day for you to kill and get the trophy Deathday Suit.

Mostly Naked Character Locations

  1. The Complex – Morning: Standing in the middle of the bunker.
  2. The Complex – Noon: Roaming around Egor’s Camp.
  3. The Complex – Afternoon: Leave the tunnels through the right door, go straight ahead, make left turn at the turret, go up the rocks on the right and keep going straight. This leads to where the tunnel spawn was at Noon. He’s on the road next to that tunnel exit, near a delivery booth.
  4. The Complex – Evening: From the tunnel you start in, take the right door and he’ll be on the ground immediately in front of you, outside the tunnel.
  5. Updaam – Morning: Exit via the right tunnel door, then take the first right turn, go up the rocks to the rooftop (one enemy there) and then stick to the far right edge of the map. Below, at the corner edge of the map is the naked man.
  6. Updaam – Noon: Outside the candy store, by the ledge.
  7. Updaam – Afternoon: Standing in the crowd of the music performance, just outside the Library.
  8. Updaam – Evening: Standing on the top of the stage in the courtyard, just outside the Library.
  9. Karl’s Bay – Morning: In the alley outside Dawn of Reason. Sometimes he can also spawn inside Dawn of Reason.
  10. Karl’s Bay – Afternoon: Inside Hangar 1, on the middle floor.
  11. Karl’s Bay – Evening: Inside Aeon Coital Center, to the right of Dawn of Reason (red building, accessible via door in alley where naked guy was in Karl’s Bay – Morning).
  12. Fristad Rock – Morning: Near the AEON Security Station, beside Ramblin’ Rock Club.
  13. Fristad Rock – Noon: In the bar to the right of and below Ramblin’ Rock Club.
  14. Fristad Rock – Afternoon: In the bar to the right of and below Ramblin’ Rock Club.

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