Ghost Recon Breakpoint TAC 50 Blueprint Location & Weapons Guide

Tac 50

Here is how to get the unique sniper rifle blueprint for the TAC 50 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.  The TAC 50 is one of the most powerful guns in game but it is a little bit tricky to reach.  Follow this guide to get its exact location.

How to Find the Tac 50 Sniper Rifle Blueprint

To get the TAC 50 you need to head to the Maunga Nui Port, at the top of smugglers cove, it’s a big area, with lots of enemies, so will take a while to clear them.

You can see what unique rewards are available in any area, after its discovered on the map. The image below says the TAC 50 is available to find here.

After you defeat the enmey soldiers a new blue and white chest will appear on the mini map, this is your weapon blueprint.

Head inside of the build and search for the silver and yellow striped unique chest to get your weapon blueprint.

Base Weapon Stats

Available TAC 50 Attachments


  • SNR Standard Magazine
  • SNR Extended Magazine


  • SNR Standard Muzzle
  • SNR Supressor
  • SNR Muzzle Break


  • Dual Range Sight
  • T5XI Sight
  • Digital Sight
  • RU Long-Range Sight
  • TA31H Sight


  • Underbarrel Rail
  • Bipod

Passive Perks

  • Passive Bonus 1 – Does +9% Damage to drones
  • Passive Bonus 2
  • Passive Bonus 3


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