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Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons Guide – There are  46 unique secret missable weapons in cyberpunk 2077 and 8 unique armors and one unique car to collect in Night City.  Plus Phantom Liberty weapons and other gear have since been added to the game. In this guide im gonna walk you through every single step so you can collect all of them. 

Cyberpunk 2077 features several types of weapons for players to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. Power Weapons use electromagnetic acceleration to propel bullets at high speeds, dealing heavy damage but can be expensive and rare to find.

Tech Weapons are advanced firearms that fire charged particles and can penetrate through walls and other objects, but require charging up before firing. Smart Weapons have self-guiding systems that allow bullets to track targets, making them particularly useful in combat situations where accuracy is paramount.

Melee Weapons are close-range weapons that can range from simple knives to high-tech, cyber-enhanced arms. Lastly, Cyberware is a type of weapon that can be integrated into the player’s body, such as arm blades and mantis claws, granting them powerful attacks and unique abilities in combat.

It’s a bit a complicated guide and all but three of the 54 are missable so make sure to be careful about going too far ahead.  The video inevitably contains spoilers and there’s not much I can do about it unfortunately.

Next its impossible to collect every item because some unique are tied to your background or gender. However, in order to get the most unique items playing as a female street kid will offer the most possible options in cyberpunk 2077.

Lastly there are quite a few bugged like second chance, and the tinker bell weapons, but Ill still go over them and more unique items not listed in the 54.

To Collect there are 21 iconic weapons to collect from the main story missions, 23 from side jobs, 8 from hustles, and 2 from gigs. 9 of the weapons need to be crafted and require your tech skill to be level 18 to get a couple of them.

3 items you might see listed as unique are the retrothruster, space suit, and fake samurai jacket.  I do go over them, but the samurai jacket does not appear as iconic in game, and the latter two you don’t get to keep.

Last but not least I do go over all the Johnny Silverhand items as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons Guide cyberpunk iconic weapons

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons Guide

First step is to do main missions 1-7 and stop after you complete the ride mission.  Mission 8 is complex but there is one unique from side jobs we can get first.


Head to the northside docks in Watson and find the monk to get the side job Sacrum Profanum.  You are tasked with finding the monk’s brother.  Head to the location and kill the maelstrom soldiers and rescue the monk, the Fenrir SMG is sitting on a table next to the rescued monk.

Next start mission number the pickup and talk call Meredith and meet with her

Boom Boom, Phallustiff & Chaos

There are 3 possible unique items tied to main story mission number 8.  But you cannot get all 3.  In the mission you can either side with Militech or Maelstrom.

Option Number 1 You need to be A male character to get the second of these weapons.

Well start with siding with Militech, to do this you need to conflict with maelstrom and kill Royce.  To do this you can either not say anything during the sequence where Royce asks Jackie to sit, shoot Royce during the deal or buy the flathead with the infected chip and not mention its been bugged.

All three will result in fighting maelstrom and when you kill Royce you can loot the unique weapon chaos from his body.

This option also unlocks a second unique weapon.

After the mission Meredith is promoted and she will invite you to a motel, after your liaison you can pickup the unique Sir John Phallustiff weapon.

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons Guide chaos iconic weapon cyberpunk 2077

Option Number 2 playing as a female character

In this scenario you must side with Maelstrom, get the infected chip from Meredith stout and it’s important that you remove the infected malware and then during the sequence to buy the flathead with the infected chip you can warn Royce its infected.  This will trigger a Militech attack and keep Royce and dum dum alive.

Warning make a save here because during this next sequence you need to make sure that Dum Dum survives the Militech attack as he shows up at a later mission where you can get the unique Boom Boom Weapon.

Since you’re not siding with Militech you can also play a female character in this scenario and get the Mox unique later on when you romance Judy.

I will go over Boom Boom and Mox later in the video.

Ok Continue and finish mission 9 the information and start mission 10 the Heist

Kongou, satori & start La Chinga, Samurai Jacket

Mission 10 the Heist is important as there are 4 unique items linked to it but its not complicated to do all the steps. You don’t need to do anything until you reach Yorinobu’s apartment.  Next to his bed you will find the unique Kangou pistol.

Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons Guide cyberpunk 2077 iconic armor

After the sequence in the apartment, you need to escape, and the balcony doors will be unlocked.  Before following the mission head upstairs in the apartment to the landing pad to find the Unique Katana Satori.

Lastly there are 2 future unique items linked to Jackie, its important when asked to send Jackie’s body to his family to unlock the mission heroes.

Now before you start mission number 12 there are quite a few weapons we can pickup from side quests and others.

Plan B

After dex is killed he can be looted for his unique weapon plan B, its located in the scrapyard, this was a tough one to find.


Go to the afterlife bar after main mission 10 and talk to Dennis to start the big in Japan quest.  The unique scalpel weapon is given as a reward for this quest.

La Charagona Dorada

Next, we can get the La Chingona Doroada, however this is only available if you chose to send Jackie’s body back to his family after mission 10 the heist.  To start the mission, call mama wells and simply follow the mission through until you get to Jackie’s tribute and complete the mission.  After the missions complete leave the area and come back to get the weapon, or in my case it was bugged, and I got the weapon twice.

Dying Night

The dying night pistol can be picked up from the 2nd amendment in your apartment building.  However this is not the full weapon, later on in the story Wilson will call to do the mission shoot to thrill.  If you get first place in the shooting contest, you don’t need 100 out of 100 I got 44, then you will get a full upgrade for the gun turning it into an automatic pistol with a sight.

Divided We Stand

To get the divided we stand SMG head to rancho Coronado and start the side job Stadium love available after main mission 11.  The job requires you to talk to the boss and say you’re looking for some fun and you enter into a shooting contest, get all 44 targets to get rewarded the divided we stand gun.


This a strange one an AI gun called skippy that you can find and keep for yourself but also you can choose to return the gun to its owner, if you keep this unique weapon the quest will remain unfinished.  To get skippy head to this map location in Vista Del Rey and pick him up.

Ok Let’s move on to do mission number 12 Automatic Love.

Cocktail Stick

Play through the mission until you enter the cloud bar, make your way through the mission until the final restricted area and the unique cocktail sword is located in the first room on the left.  At the end of this mission make sure not to kill woodsman.

Ok after this mission is finished and you leave the clouds club Johnny will interact with you coming out of the elevator, it’s important that you talk to him to start the side job tape worm, needed for later unique items.  Although it’s not too difficult to miss him here it is possible.


Cottonmouth Is found in fingers bedroom in the quest the space in between, after you deal with the doctor and find out where Evelyn is, you can pick up the unique iconic club from his bed.

OK from here you can continue on and complete the next few mission the space in between, disaster piece and double life.


After mission 15 double life you can head to lizzie’s bar and pickup the lizzie unique iconic weapon.  This is one of the few that are not missable, you can pick it up at any time from the basement.

Ok after mission number 15 double life, We need to await 24 hours after completion so you can start the romancing Judy quest line.  There are 3 unique weapons tied to this quest line but only the mox is missable. So to pass time im doing main mission 16 m’ap tann pelen 17 I walk the line and 18 Transmission and there are no uniques linked with these quests.  However Make sure to answer when Judy calls when that happens to start the side job Both sides Now.  If she doesn’t call drive around the Badlands for a while worked for me.  At the end of transmission make sure to talk to johnny as you leave the chapel to continue the tapeworm quest. 

Second Chance

Now this unique is bugged and it should be available during the mission ex factor is it’s supposed to be in Maiko’s office but it’s not there, maybe its just me but anyway to get this Start Judy’s side quest and follow it until you reach your conversation with Maiko and find the iconic weapon.

Continue on to the next Judy side quest Talking about a revolution and start Pisces.


Play through the Pisces mission all the way to the end until hiromi is killed and you can pick up the unique blade from his body.  This might be optional but to be certain when picking options, side with maiko and select hiromi has to go and maiko will run things.  But make sure to not accept payment from maiko after the mission or else you won’t be able to romance Judy.

Mox & neoprene Diving Suit

After the Pisces mission, Judy will call, and you can play through the pyramid song romance mission during which you will pick up the unique neoprene diving suit and at the end of which you will eventually get the iconic Mox weapon.  The weapon is not given right away, after your liaison with Judy, she will call you text you around 4 times where you need to reply to her, it actually takes quite a while before she finally gives you the Mox shotgun.


Ok at this point in the story if you’re playing corpo, you can play the mission war pigs, it’s important to attack frank in this mission as the unique apparition weapon is looted from him.

Ozob’s Nose

After mission 18 you can call Ozob’s on your phone to start the mission send in the clowns, after completing the mission, you will get the Ozob’s nose unique item, which is a grenade.  If its bugged like it is for me, you can craft it, if you have 18 points in your tech tree.

Ok now where gonna do a lot more main story, to unlock most of the side jobs for the remaining uniques. 

Widow Maker

During mission 19 ghost town, you help panam get back her car, after which you get revenge by killing nash, if you agree to help panam do so.  After you kill nash loot his body for the unique weapon widow maker.

After mission 19 you are free to start mission 20 lightning breaks, mission 21 life during war time, make sure at the end of mission 21 you talk to johnny silverhand for the tapeworm mission, then start and complete mission 22 down on the street.  Our next unique is from mission 23 gimme danger.

Prototype Shingen Mark V

During mission 23 gimme danger, you are tasked to find the float at the Arasaka warehouse.  However before you go inside, on the outside of the loading bay there is a shipping container numbered 667 that houses the uniqye Shingen Mark V legendary iconic weapon.

Genjiroh & Jinchu Maru

During mission 24 play it safe, there are 2 unique weapons to get.  The first during the mission is the Genjiroh.  On your way to kill the second sniper, just as you come out the elevator before the ladder on floor 21.  The door can be opened with the right skill or use the terminal the code is 2906.  The unique weapon is inside.  The second weapon Jinchu Maru is dropped by the boss Oda at the end of the mission.

OK you can now go ahead and play and finish mission number 25 search and destroy.  Whatever you do don’t do mission 26 as there’s a point of no return.  Were gonna collect a whole bunch of uniques now starting with the johnny silverhand items.

Johnny’s Tank Top

At the very end of mission 25 you can talk to johnny for the final time to finish the quest tapeworm.  At the end of the quest, Johnny’s Unique Tank Top is given to you automatically.

After this quest you start the job chipping in and there is 4 different items to get from this one quest and a dialogue option important for some future items.

Johnny’s Aviators, Samurai Jacket, Malorian Arms 3516, Porsche

Start the side job Chipping in after completing Tapeworm.  Play the missions first part where Johnny takes control and while riding in a car you automatically pick up Johnny’s aviators, these are yours to keep.  Later in the mission you meet with rogue at afterlife for the next part of the mission when you leave to get in her car, she gives you the Johnny Samurai Jacket which comes equipped with the unique bully mod.  Near the end of the mission, you will fight Grayson, after he is defeated he will have Johnny’s unique weapon on him Malorian Arms 3516.  Lastly when promted to, chose to save grysons life by saying its your lucky day and he gives you the keys to a container, the container has Johnnys Porsche inside which is now yours to keep.

One final note if you head back to the ship or even before you pick up the porsche, there is a room on the ship, adma smashers vault.  Inside is the weapon blue print for the Ba Xing Chong.  Unfortunately haven’t figured out how to open it yet.

At the end of the Chipping in mission at the oil fields, Johnny asks what you would write on his headstone, it’s important that you answer with the option the Guy who saved my life or the next 8 johnny side missions starting with  blistering love wont be available and there are 2 unique weapons to collect from there.

Next complete blistering love and the mission after holdin on, then start second conflict where there are two uniques to pick up here.

Doom Doom & The Gold Platted Baseball Bat

Play through the second conflict mission until you arrive at the Totentanz club.  If you sided with Dum Dum and Royce during mission 8, they will be here in this mission.  While in the club, you agree to help Nancy get out, but chose not without a fight.  This will trigger a fight with the Maelstromers including Dum Dum, who you can kill and loot to get the Doom Doom Weapon.

Next follow the mission until you reach Denny’s mansion, you must choose to side with Denny or Kerry.  Chose Denny and the mission will end with her throwing the baseball bat in the pool, you can then pick it up.


A like supreme is playable after the second conflict quest is finished, where you perform in a concert.  After the gig, Kerry will give you the unique archangel weapon.

Next start and complete the side mission I fought the law, this will unlock the next mission the hunt.


During the hunt mission, play all the way until you arrive at the edgewood farm.  The tree next to the house has the tinker bell weapon underneath it, however its currently bugged in my game.

What is important for the next unique is at the end of the hunt mission, when river says he wants revenge.  Make sure to select, either don’t do it river or we both will to get the next mission follow the river.


Simply play through the follow the river mission and you get this automatically.

Overwatch & Problem Solver

After main mission 21 life during war time, you can start the side job riders in the storm.  During the mission you need to go to the shiv camp to rescue Saul.  One of the enemy wraiths guarding the camps main entrance has the problem solver weapon, or 2 in my case and you can loot it from him and the overwatch is given to you after rescuing Saul and completing the mission.  Also you can pick up the SR02 legendary rifle blueprint next to saul when you rescue him, but its not a unique weapon you craft.

After riders in the storm more missions become available.  With a little help from my friends is next so you can complete it.  During the mission make sure to side Panam and also not say you are doing this for money.


After the with a little help from my friends, just to the south of the nomads camp you can trigger a new quest Ill fly away which doesn’t show on the map until you get close to it, its important you start this quest before doing the queens of the highway mission.  Complete the quest to get the stinger unique blueprint which you need to craft to get the weapon.

After this mission is complete you are free to finish the queen of the highway mission.

Fake Samurai Jacket

After completing side job 10 heroes which is only available if you send jackies body back to his family during the heist mission.  Kirk will call you at some point for a new mission small man big mouth.  It’s a mission you can get much earlier in the story, but the enemies are very high level, so it would be tough to complete before now.  During the mission you pick up the Fake Samurai Jacket.  Its supposed to be unique but doesn’t show that in game however still worth picking up just in case it’s a bug.

Johnny’s Pants

In Heywood start the gig psychofan and search kerry’s bedroom to find johnny’s pants.

Johnny’s Shoes

To get johnny’s shoes you need to start the family heirloom gig in charter hills westbrook.  The mission wont unlock until you you’ve completed the blistering love side quest and reached street cred level 38.  Th shoes are in a locker in the building during the mission.

The remaining Uniques are all from NDPC hustles, find the gang and kill the leader, the leader has a unique weapon blueprint to loot.


Head to Watson and go to this NCPD mission and kill all the enemies.  The gang leader has the unique buzzsaw blueprint which you need to craft to get the weapon.  Make sure you complete the gig so that the next one shows up.

Psalm 11:6

Psalm 11:6 Head to Watson and go to this NCPD mission and kill all the enemies. The gang leader has the unique Psalm 11:6 blueprint which you need to craft to get the weapon.


Head to Japantown and complete the suspected organized crime activity and loot the blueprint from the leader

The Headsman

Head to Westbrook and complete the suspected organized crime activity and loot the blueprint from the leader

Moron Labe

Head to Pacifica and complete the suspected organized crime activity and loot the blueprint from the leader


Head to Santo Domingo and complete the suspected organized crime activity and loot the blueprint from the leader

Comrade’s Hammer

Head to Santa Domingo and complete the suspected organized crime activity and loot the blueprint from the leader


Head to Heywood and complete the suspected organized crime activity and loot the blueprint from the leader


Our very last item to get before the last main mission uniques is the O’Five given for completing the very first side job you come across, beat on the brat started in your apartment building.  Its tough and techniacally you can start this much earlier than now if you want.  To get the weapon you need to win the fight against buck Arnold in Santo Domingo.  It’s a tough fight so you want a little cheat, drop a melee weapon before the fight and equip during.

Guys that leaves us with 5 uniques to collect from missions after the point of no return, there are two options here, side with Panam or with rogue.  Well start with Panam go to embers and start the mission nocturn.  Don’t worry you get to keep any uniques except for the Retrothrusters we go over later, so you can play through both endings and collect everything and after the credits it returns you to game with the unique in your inventory.

Aldecaldos Jacket & Amnesty

During mission 26 nocturn, if you have completed the queen of the highway mission, you can side with Panam.  Doing so will unlock the we gotta live together mission.  During this you get the Aldecaldos jacket awarded to you by saul after talking to the people in camp.  After this talk to mitch who will take you out in the tank, then saul and finally you can talk to Cassidy to win the amnesty pistol in a bottle shooting contest.

Pride, Prejudice, Grave diggers spade

During mission 26 nocturn, if you have completed the mission blistering love, then pick the option that johnny and rogue should go this opens the mission for whom the bell tolls.  Before leaving for Arasaka tower your arm up, here you can pick up the pride weapon and Retrothrusters which are unique, but you don’t get to keep them.

In the next mission knocking on heaven’s door, as soon as you get out of your crashed airship, you can find and pick up the gravedigger’s shovel.  At the end of the mission, you can loot rogues weapon prejudice.

Cyberpunk Iconic Weapons & Armors List

Main Jobs

  1. Chaos – MJ08
  2. Sir John Phallustiff – MJ08
  3. Kongou – MJ10
  4. Satori – MJ10
  5. Plan B – After MJ11
  6. Cocktail Stick – MJ12

Start Tapeworm Side Job 34

  1. Cottonmouth – MJ13
  2. Lizzie – After MJ13
  3. Second Opinion – MJ15 & SJ27 Bugged
  4. Mox – MJ15 & SJ27
  5. Widow Maker – MJ19
  6. Prototype Shingen Mark V – MJ23
  7. Genjiroh – MJ24
  8. Jinchu Maru -MJ24
  9. Doom Doom – After MJ25 & SJ-38
  10. Ba Xing Chong (Crafted) – MJ26 & SJ35
  11. Prejudice – MJ29
  12. Pride – MJ30
  13. The Caretaker’s Cyberspade – MJ30
  14. Aldecaldos Jacket – MJ31
  15. Amnesty – MJ31

Side Jobs

  1. O’Five – SJ01
  2. Fenrir – SJ06
  3. Scalpel – SJ08
  4. La Chingona Doroada – MJ10 & SJ10
  5. Dying Night – SJ11
  6. Ozob’s Nose – SJ16
  7. Tinker Bell – SJ20
  8. Crash – SJ21
  9. Tsumetogi –MJ15 SJ27 SJ28 SJ29 SJ30
  10. Neoprene Diving Suit – SJ31
  11. Johnny’s Shirt – MJ25 & SJ34
  12. Johnny’s Aviators – SJ35
  13. Johnny’s Jacket
  14. Johnny’s Porsche
  15. Malorian Arms 3516 – SJ35
  16. Gold Platted Baseball Bat -SJ38
  17. Archangel – SJ42
  18. Overwatch – SJ45
  19. Problem Solver – SJ45
  20. Apparition -SJ51
  21. Stinger – SJ53
  22. Divided we Stand -SJ58
  23. Skippy – SJ63


  1. Buzzsaw (Crafted) – H643
  2. Psalm 11:6 (Crafted) – H644
  3. Sovereign (Crafted) – H684
  4. The Headsman (Crafted) – H714
  5. Moron Labe (Crafted) – H717
  6. Breakthrough (Crafted) – H752
  7. Comrade’s Hammer (Crafted) – 772
  8. Yinglong (Crafted) – H905


  1. Johnny’s Shoes – G31
  2. Johnny’s Pants – G59

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