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All Johnny Silverhand Item Locations Cyberpunk 2077

All Johnny Silverhand Item Locations Cyberpunk 2077 – Johnny Silverhand is no longer alive and survives as a digital ghost, but remnants of his life remain in night city and you can find them as you explore the game. Collecting all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand will unlock the Breathtaking achievement.

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How To Start The John Silverhand Quest Line

Complete the tape worm side mission by talking to Johnny Silverhand at the end of mission 12 Automatic Love, mission 18 transmission, mission 21 life during wartime, and mission 25 search and destroy, make sure you dont say you dont want to talk.

Johnny’s Tank Top

At the very end of mission 25 you can talk to johnny for the final time to finish the quest tapeworm.  At the end of the tapeworm quest, Johnny’s Unique Tank Top is given to you automatically.

Johnny’s Aviators, Samurai Jacket, Malorian Arms 3516, Porsche

Start the side job Chipping in after completing Tapeworm.  Play the missions first part where Johnny takes control and while riding in a car you automatically pick up Johnny’s aviators, these are yours to keep. 

Later in the mission you meet with rogue at afterlife for the next part of the mission when you leave to get in her car, she gives you the Johnny Samurai Jacket. 

Near the end of the mission, you will fight Grayson, after he is defeated he will have Johnny’s unique weapon on him Malorian Arms 3516.  Lastly when promted to, chose to save grysons life by saying its your lucky day and he gives you the

Johnny’s Pants

In Heywood start the gig psychofan and search kerry’s bedroom to find johnny’s pants.

Johnny’s Shoes

To get johnny’s shoes you need to start the family heirloom gig in charter hills westbrook.  The mission wont unlock until you you’ve completed the blistering love side quest and reached street cred level 38.  Th shoes are in a locker in the building during the mission.

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