Zombie Army 4 Dead War – How To Get the Reporting In Weapon Kit Upgrade

Reporting in Weapon Kit Upgrade

This page covers the Zombie Army 4 Dead War Reporting In Weapon Kit Upgrade.  This is a collectible item that gives you one upgrade point to apply to a weapon of your choosing.  This upgrade kit is found during the Reporting in Chapter of the Dead Ahead Mission.


Reporting In Weapon Kit Upgrade Guide

To find this collectible weapon kit upgrade follow the main mission during the reporting in chapter of the dead ahead mission.  During the mission you will be asked to shoot Zombies off of a radio tower. 

After completing this task you can speak to the doctor in the medic area.  Outside of this room there are stairs leading down to the safe room, at the to[p of the stairs is a room blocked off with wooden planks, melee attack to access the room and find the Weapon Kit Upgrade.


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