Zombie Army 4 Dead War – How To Get the Locomotive Lockdown Weapon Kit Upgrade

Locomotive Lockdown Weapon Kit Upgrade

This page covers the Zombie Army 4 Dead War Locomotive Lockdown Weapon Kit Upgrade.  This is a collectible item that gives you one upgrade point to apply to a weapon of your choosing.  There are 3 upgrade kits to be found during the Locomotive Lockdown Chapter of the Dead Ahead Mission.


Locomotive Lockdown Weapon Kit Upgrade Guide

The first weapon upgrade of the Locomotive Lockdown chapter is right at the beginning of the mission on the desk in the workshop area of the safe room.


The second Weapon upgrade in this chapter is located down the stairs of the safe room where you can play a shooting mini game.   kill the zombies while avoiding civilians to unlock the reward room with weapon upgrade and soft cap inside.


The third upgrade of the chapter is located in the shanty town area where you fight the suicider zombies for the first time.  The first buildings on the right, go upstairs and find the upgrade on the inside.


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