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Zombie Army 4 Dead War – How To Get the Gone Off The Rails Weapon Kit Upgrade

Greetings, fearless zombie slayers! Are you ready to embark on a treasure hunt in the spine-chilling world of Zombie Army 4: Dead War? Get ready to unravel the locations of five valuable collectibles in this chapter. In this guide, we’ll guide you through the discovery of each collectible – from documents to heroic actions and more. Let’s dive in and unearth these hidden gems!

Comic, Document, Upgrade Kit, Heroic Action, and Zombie Hand Locations:

To find this collectible weapon kit upgrade follow the main mission during the gone of the rails chapter of the dead ahead mission.  At some point you will arrive at a bride with the objective catch your train at platform 5.

Before heading down the stairs to the right towards the objective, head left down the stairs and left again to discover the only weapon upgrade of this chapter and the final one to find of the first mission dead ahead.

1. Document Location:

As you navigate the eerie landscape, you’ll descend a long platform. Just before you descend the stairs into the water, take a detour behind them to the right. Inside the open carriages, a document awaits on a table, ready to reveal its secrets.

2. Heroic Action Encounter:

Your first Heroic Action awaits you as you ascend the steps to cross a footbridge. Listen closely, and you’ll hear desperate cries for help. Instead of heading right, choose the path less traveled and go straight ahead. Your valorous task is to shield two trapped men inside the station house from the relentless zombie horde.

3. Upgrade Kit and Preacher Heavy Weapon Discovery:

After bravely enduring a cutscene featuring a crashed train, navigate through the swarming horde descending the hill. As you cross a bridge and descend, cast your gaze to the right. There, an elusive Zombie Hand beckons your attention. To obtain a clearer shot, consider ascending the steps to reach the rooftop.

4. Comic Revelation:

In your exhilarating journey, you’ll find yourself within a building adorned with switches and levers. However, before pulling the lever that propels the narrative forward, take a left turn. Behold the desks against the windowed wall – here, nestled amidst the shadows, lies the coveted comic.

With these collectibles meticulously discovered, remember that the world of Zombie Army 4: Dead War holds many secrets and treasures. From documents that offer insights into the twisted narrative to heroic actions that showcase your valor, each collectible enhances your immersive experience.

So, fellow zombie hunters, gear up, for Zombie Army 4: Dead War beckons! Embark on a quest to claim these hidden treasures and showcase your prowess in facing the relentless undead. Remember, courage and curiosity pave the way to victory. Zombie Army 4: Dead War awaits your daring endeavours on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Your hunt for secrets and triumphs begins now!

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