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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Errand Running Husband Side Quest (Husband Locations)

How to find the keys to the locked house in the hidden village in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and complete the Taoists House Key Quest.

The fun begins when you unlock the Hidden Village hub area in Part 3 of the game. On a separate island in the northwest corner, you’ll find a couple standing apart from each other. If you face north when you load up the game, this island will be on your right. Speak to both the wife and husband, and the wife will ask her husband to search for a Detox Jerky. This marks the beginning of an exciting side quest.

Errand Running Husband Side Quest

Errand Running Husband Side Quest

Husbany Location 1: For the first part, In the lost sacred artifact, he is on a house close to the starting battle flag. He asks for jerky and its a common item in game or you can get it from the blacksmith.
I returned to the village and she will send her husband out again

Husband Location 2: In The Way Of The Warrior” there is a village after the bridge and the battle flag go to the final house in the village to find him inside. This time he wants some oil of awakening.
Give him the oil and return to his wife and she sends him on a third and final quest.

Husband Location 3: In Glaive Of Righteousness in the area with the fog, walk past the large tree and around past the outpost with the ladder and climb the wall. The husband wants a sacred lotus. Give him the item and return to the wife in the hidden village.

Now the quest is complete and you a rewarded with a hairpin level 4, which is not the greatest of rewards, but I think its the only way to get the level 4 hairpin, its certainly the only one I have in game.

Errand Running Husband Side Quest (Husband Locations) Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

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