Wickus CASPER Van Daele

This page contains all the details of the Specialist Wickus CASPER Van Daele in BF2042

Wickus CASPER Van Daele


  • OV-P Recon Drone – Spots nearby moving targets and can disorient enemies by using EMP blasts. Can also be used to designate targets for lock-on weapons.
  • Movement Sensor – Alerts the player to approaching enemies, both while boots on the ground and when piloting the Recon Drone.


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon




Recon soldier Wikus is a loner – and the unflappable, calm presence on the Task Force. A former intelligence-gathering operative in South Africa, Wikus is a master of camouflage and long-range engagement.

After stumbling onto a conspiracy involving a senior officer that put the lives of those of his unit and local civilians in danger, Wikus was falsely accused of murder and fled the country. He aligned himself with the No-Pats in hopes of being able to return home one day if there is still a home to return to.

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