What are game guides called?

If you don’t mind old school text guides, you’ll see why GameFAQ is one of the most trusted sources for game guides. Strategy guides are starting to become something of a novelty, but some games still accompany them. As more and more games are released every year, more and more manuals will be needed to use them. What I’m basically looking for is someone to write NEXT guides for many popular games.

Googling everything will ruin your own gaming experience, so only try to consult your guide if you’re stuck. Depending on the game you’re playing, you may not be able to find a solid walkthrough or guide to solve the part you’re stuck on. There’s a good chance you’ll find a walkthrough of at least one of the games you’re playing.

In order to outline a complete and accurate walkthrough, you need access to all parts of the game. No matter the length of the game, every walkthrough you write takes a lot of time and effort. Your research, writing, and organizational skills will improve so much with each playthrough that you can easily design a playthrough for almost any game. Writing walkthroughs is hard work, and you probably won’t enjoy the game as much as you normally would.

Walkthroughs and guides are no exception, which makes YouTube a great place to go through certain stages of the game. Walkthroughs can be seen as guides to help you improve your gaming experience, unlock in-game achievements, or simply as a way to connect with like-minded people to take your mind off everyday life. A walkthrough is a video created solely for the purpose of helping other people get through difficult stages of the game or complete the game. A video game walkthrough is a guide aimed at improving the player’s skill in a particular video game, and is often intended to help players progress through the entire video game or specific elements.

Prima Games produces official and special text video game walkthroughs and strategy guides for various video games in both print and digital formats. The RPG genre is our favorite when it comes to game guides and maps, but we also make walkthroughs for strategy games, adventure games, action RPGs, MMOs, and more. All fans of video game guides should subscribe to our YouTube Game Guides channel, where we provide walkthroughs and video guides for the most interesting video games. Our guides to popular games like World of Warcraft, Madden, Second Life and more will help you get the most out of your game.

You’ll find manuals for over 6,000 games across a wide variety of genres and systems. You won’t find guides for retro games or short-lived indie games here. Guides for over 6 years old tend to lean towards Nintendo games, but you’ll also find video game guides for other systems. Users can search the manual for the game they are playing and find YouTube bloggers explaining it, gameplay blogs, and sites entirely dedicated to this game genre.

While the games became too big and sprawling to be covered in a simple playthrough, the older formats remained popular and are still used today to cover individual levels, rooms, areas, etc. Even the printed manuals were sometimes inaccurate as many of which were published before the release of the games. This meant that some game guides had different information due to changes made to the game during its final release, not to mention post-release updates, character buffs and nerfs, etc.

Even the manuals for online games were not intuitive in most cases, as the information was not organized as well as in the paper format. While most games have some sort of guide to teach the basics to anyone who has played, fewer and fewer people have been looking for guides on how to play the entire game. Many video game retailers knew that there was a group of gamers who always had to leave the store with a strategy guide for their game in hand.

In the case of games like the older Resident Evil, items were so scarce that players often had to consult the game’s manual to find out where they could find items to craft medicines and ammo. The usual strategy guides had a whole checklist of items that the player could get in the game. In open-world games like Assassins Creed, you’ll find outlines of the main story missions, as well as maps of various locations and guides to side missions.

David Hodgsons creates strategy guides for video games that, like ancient cartography, are the lost art of primitive methods and meticulous processes. Hodgson has been a tour guide for ten months out of twelve and now rarely plays video games for fun. At that time the games were much smaller than what David Hodgson writes now.

He’s currently under contract with Prima Games, the nation’s largest publisher of strategy guides, and has gotten some of the world’s biggest games months ahead of the public. David Hodgson started working for game magazines in the 1990s, but has always been drawn to the world of strategy guides. Hodgson moved to Los Angeles and wrote his first strategy guides – for games like Super Mario 64, Soul Blade and Doom 64 – for the popular GameFan Magazine in the magazine’s GameFan Books division.

The writing may not be complete when it’s first released – players forgive in the first few weeks of a game’s release – but you’ll need the full picture before you leave to play another game. Let us Play videos are a specific type of playthrough, usually more focused on entertainment rather than informing the viewer through humorous commentary provided by video hosts as the game progresses. 


I started covering games on youtube in 2013 and have been making videos ever since. Originally I starter with making minecraft build tutorials and then mods for skyrim on console. For a couple of years I covered PUBG updates and then Warzone. Going forward Im focusing solely on making guides for new and upcoming games.

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