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Way Of The Hunter Animals: All Animal Locations

All Animal Locations Way Of The Hunter – Where to find Animals for hunting in Way of The Hunter. The Animals can be found scattered around the games two massive open world hunting areas. Here is a list and location of all the Animals in game.

Way of The Hunter Animals - How To Find and Hunt All 14 Animals

Animal Locations

Red Fox

Lesser Scaup


Wild Duck

Ross’s Goose

American Badger

Red Fox

Bighorn Sheep

Gray Wolf

Mountain Goat

Mule Deer

White Tailed Deer

American Black Bear



Red Deer

Red Fox


Gray Wolf


Eurasian Badger

Fallow Deer

European Hare

Roe Deer

Wild Boars

Greylag Goose

American Black Bear

How To Hunt Animals

The easiest way to hunt animals in WOTH is to find the specific animals water source and check the encyclopaedia for the time the animal drinks (Usually 9am). Then fast travel to the nearest camp or cabin and sleep until the right time and walk or drive close to the water source. Animals will spawn most times in the space place. Take your shot and if you miss, fast travel back to the cabin to sleep and repeat the process.

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