Waterwheel Weapon RE8 – How To Get Waterwheel Weapon RE8

Find out how to get the waterwheel weapon in RE8 located inside of a locked room with a waterwheel treasure symbol on the map. The room to the treasure is locked and requires you to find a key to open it and get the unique weapon inside, we will show you how to get both.

waterwheel weapon

How to get the Waterwheel Weapon In RE8

To find this go to the Village and look at the map, there is a building with the “Waterwheel Weapon” treasure icon but, the building is locked and you need to get the insignia key to open it. But first you’ll need the Insignia key found by solving the piano puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu. After getting the key and escaping castle Dimitrescu you can head to the waterwheel and pick up the GM79 Grenade Launcher.


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