Watch Dogs Legion All Weapons

Watch Dogs Legion All Weapons

Watch Dogs Legion All Weapons – A look at all the weapons available in watch dogs legion so you can decide what the best weapon is to use in game.

Weapons work differently in watch dogs to most other games. There are only 4 unlockable guns that all operatives can use. To use other weapons, the operative you recruit must have it available already.

If the only weapon your operative has when you recruit them is a hammer, then they will never be able to use an AK47. However, recruits can use other weapons of the same type if another recruit has that weapon.

For example if you two recruits and one is carrying a P9 and the other a desert eagle, then these two operatives can use either weapon as they are both pistols. This only counts for general guns and not melee weapons, unique weapons or grenades in watch dogs legion.

Watch Dogs Legion All Weapons


Assault Rifles






  • GL-06
  • APGL
  • DedSec Grenade Launcher


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