Wasteland 3 Creepy Dolls

How to find all 15 creepy dolls collectibles and their what each doll does in wasteland 3. The dolls are scattered throughout the game world and are tough to find, however its worth collecting them to get there bonus effects.

Wasteland 3 Creepy Dolls

Doll NameBonus EffectLocation
Keen KarenPerception +1Garden of the Gods
Radical RachelExplosives +5%Ranger HQ
Maneater MauryCon+15Bizarre Exterior
Fuckin FredDamage Vs Humans +5%Old Survivalist Bunker
Lethal LancePenetration +1Monster Army Bunker
Cruel CoryDamage Vs Animals +5%Denver Ruins
Electric EmmettEnergy Damage +5%Machine Commune
Hearty HenryHealing Bonus +10%Aspen
Ferocious FrancescaMelee Damage +5%Little Hell
Zen ZoeyHit Chance +2%Snowed Inn Resort
Purist PattyDamage Vs MutantsAbandoned Oil Well
Quick QuaidSneak Attack Damage +5%Knox Bison Ranch
Hyper HeatherInitiative +5%Yuma County Speedway
Nervous NancyDetection Time +0.5 SecDepartment of Energy
Angry AaronCrit Resistance +5%Godfisher Farms


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