Warzone Cold War Changes, Pre Loading and File Size

Warzone Cold War Changes, Pre Loading and File Size

Warzone Cold War Changes – Black ops cold war is out next week, and in this video I want to go over how warzone will change with the release of cold war including how weapons, progression, operators, and the battle pass will play out going forward. We also look at the pre loading file sizes for the black ops cold war on all consoles.

Warzone Cold War Changes

New Initial Content Roadmap

When the game launches we will see some nothing much different with the game until season 1, which is expected early December introducing our initial new content to the game and season 1 has already been teased with a roadmap released by Treyarch.

It covers all of the call of duty game but for warzone specifically expect new weapons and a new classified warzone experience, probably an event of some kind with new secrets to uncover.

Player Progression

Moving on to how player progression will work.

On November 13thBlack Ops Cold War is set to launch with an updated player progression system for cold war players and black ops zombies as well. You will be doing Military Ranks and Once completed, you will be part of the new levelling system.  The rank progressions are pretty much the same as current modern warfare, the enlisted levels 1 to 55 will simply change name to military ranks, and you gain levels by getting XP in the usual ways.

However, one big change coming is to warzone and modern warfare which will also be switching to the new updated levelling system of cold war but not until the first season drops in December.

That means no matter what version of the game you are playing after December, warzone, cold war, zombies, or the old modern warfare you can level up the same character.  After December season 1 launches the modern warfare and warzone levels will reset or change to whatever level you already have gained in cold war.

Also don’t worry its just the Xp level that is resetting, any weapons, killstreaks and perks you have previously unlocked will still be unlocked after the reset.

Your seasonal Officer Progression is now known as Season Levels, which incorporates a Seasonal Prestige levelling system. These are fully synchronized between all three games although its easier to prestige on cold war as challenges for example are geared towards cold war gameplay.


Ok a bit more on weapons.

Every weapon you’ve unlocked in Modern Warfare, as well as every weapon you’re going to unlock in Black Ops Cold War, is planned to continue to be available in Warzone. This includes Modern Warfare Primary and Secondary weapons (including Blueprint variants).

The current plan is for Warzone to also include all Primary and Secondary weapons available throughout the lifespan of Black Ops Cold War, including launch and Season weapons, as well as every single Weapon Blueprint. Naturally, this includes the assortment of free weapons you received during every Season of Modern Warfare, just for playing the game.

Basically all weapons already in modern warfare and all the new weapons from cold war even if they are similar weapons will be playable and you can pick your favourites and they will be usable on any version of the game your playing.

So guys if you spent a ton of time unlocking your favourite gun and getting the Damascus and obsidian camos you can still use them in cold war.


Operators then are gonna work the same way as weapons, there will be new operators coming to cold war at launch and throughout the seasons but every operator already in modern warfare and every quip, finisher and anything else you have unlocked for them will still be available.

Likewise, any new operators you unlock will be available in modern warfare and warzone.

Battle Pass

So for the battle pass you already know by now how its gonna work then levelling, new content etc will be shared across cold war, zombies, modern warfare and warzone. 

In Game Store

For the in-game store depending on what game your in will determine what the stores content will look like.  The warzone store will show a lot more warzone related items and the zombies store likewise.  But of course, almost all content can be used in either game as weve mention and if it can’t, it will be clearly labelled.

Cross Play

Lastly cross play will be available on all games and if you are playing modern warfare and want to play zombies with friends then everyone doesn’t need to switch games, the party leader can invite you to a game it’s a new system called cross title invites and is designed to make switching game modes with a party easy to do when there are lots of variations of the game.

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