Warzone 10 Best Beginner Tips For Early Game

Early game in warzone can be dangerous as you have nothing but a pistol to protect yourself. These warzone beginner tips for early game will help any new players survive for longer.

Warzone Tips For Early Game

  1. Check your map and ping where you are landing or confirm where the leader sets a marker so you or your team stick together, there’s safety in numbers.
  2. You can open and close your parachute to allow you to travel longer distances. The further you go from the drop plane, the less people you will encounter.
  3. You can shoot people for a few second while in the air after you cut your parachute. This can not only get you a cheap kill but scare players off from landing close to you.
  4. You parachute will auto deploy if you dont open it, however if you open it once and close it you will need to remember to manually open it again before hitting the ground.
  5. The first objective when landing is always to find a weapon, find armor and deal with any nearby threats.
  6. When choosing a place to land you should on what contracts are nearby, scavenger, bounty and recon are the quickest and easiest way to get cash.
  7. When collecting cash solo or as a team your first priority is to get the $10,000 for a loadout drop. You can all drop your cash so one player can buy it for everyone.
  8. If a team mate requests items early on you should help them out as it will only benefit you. Especially if you have full armor and some spare and a team mate does not have full health.
  9. Ping every item early on for your team mates to help them find stuff they might need. This is also helpful after the Gulag and your team mate has no stuff.
  10. When possible always revive a team mate before buying things from the store.


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