Borderlands 3 – Venomous Dauntless Kaos Legendary Weapons Guide

Venomous Dauntless Kaos legendary Weapon
Venomous Dauntless Kaos legendary Weapon

Here is how to get the Venomous Dauntless Kaos legendary weapon in Borderlands 3, plus a look at the weapons unique stats and abilities.

Venomous Dauntless Kaos Assault Rifle Location & Guide

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Venomous Dauntless Kaos Assault Rifle Stats and Description

  • Accuracy: 73%
  • Handling: 75%
  • Reload Time: 2.8s
  • Fire Rate: 12.61/s
  • Magazine Size: 45
  • +33% Weapon Fire Rate
  • Effective vs Armor.
  • Swaps between Fully Automatic and Semi-Auto
  • Red Text: Grants the mystical art of exploding smallhands.

This assault rifle fires an impressive amount of corrosive bullets a second, with the fun added bonus of causing any corroded enemies to explode into a gooey mess upon death, infecting their friends.

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