Thymesia Endings: How To Get All Endings

Thymesia Endings – In thymesia, their are 5 different endings to the game, but require you to have collected the appropriate lore piece first and then choose the right core combination at the end after defeating the final boss.

There are 22 lore pieces to find in Thymesia, 14 of which are rewarded for defeating 7 of the 8 bosses After which you can speak to Aisemy in philosophers hill and Emerald in Sea of Trees to unlock the lore pieces in your menu, also making them available for the endings.

Once you defeat the final boss you can choose two cores which combine to give you different endings, which are shown below, after choosing one ending, you can defeat the final boss again and choose two different cores for another ending, repeat until you have all 5.

The endings will also unlock 6 different achievements or trophies including the memory seeker for unlocking all endings which are listed below.

Thymesia - How To Get The Blessing of Pure Blood Ending

Thymesia Endings

To unlock the 5 endings you must first defeat the final boss, after which Aisemy will ask you to choose 2 of the 7 cores, Odur, Fools God, Mutated Odur, Hanged Queen, Sound of The Abyss, Varg, Urd. In total there 21 possible combinations, but its really about the blood types of each boss, whether that be pure blood, vile or fused.

Blessing of Pure Blood Ending – Choose two cores of Pure blood – Varg Core & Urd Core

Chaotic Power Ending – Choose a core of Vile Blood & Core of Pure Blood – Abyss Core & Varg Core

Harmonized Force Ending – Choose two cores of Fused blood – Mutated Odur Core & Hanged Queen Core

Vile Blood Ending – Choose two cores of Vile blood – Odur’s Core & Fools God Core

The Final Ending is currently bugged and can be one of two possible combinations below:

Power of Cleansing Ending – Choose a core of Pure Blood & a core of Fused Blood – Hanged Queen Core & Varg Core

Power of Cleansing Ending – Choose a core of Vile Blood & a core of Fused Blood – Hanged Queen Core & Odur’s Core

All Possible Ending Combinations

  • Odur & Fool
  • Odur & Fused Odur
  • Odur & Hanged Queen
  • Odur & Abyss
  • Odur & Varge
  • Odur & Urd
  • Fool (puppet) & Mutated Odur
  • Fool (puppet) & Hanged Queen
  • Fool (puppet) & Abyss
  • Fool (puppet) & Varg
  • Fool (puppet) & Urd
  • Mutated Odur & Hanged Queen
  • Mutated Odur & Abyss
  • Mutated Odur & Varg
  • Mutated Odur & Urd
  • Hanged Queen & Abyss
  • Hanged Queen & Varg
  • Hanged Queen & Urd
  • Abyss & Varge
  • Abyss & Urd
  • Varge & Urd


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