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Thymesia Bosses: All Boss Fights

Thymesia Bosses – In thymesia, their are 7 different bosses to fight throughout the game and while technically half of them are optional for completing the main story campaign, if you want 100% completion, you need to fight all 7 to get story lore needed for the games endings. Plus there are plenty of trophies/achievements linked to the lore, bosses and endings, so you might as well do them. Below is a list of the games 7 bosses and how to beat them.

Thymesia Bosses Strategy

Their are multiple ways to play the game of Thymesia, but it depends on what your best skills are. Parrying is the easiest and quickest way to defeat bosses with little damage received, but also requires the highest amount of skill to achieve. Unfortunately, despite playing all souls type games and 100% completing Elden Ring in March, Im still rubbish at parrying. Therefore I chose are more long range strategy that utilises the Bow plague weapon, which deals damage to enemies and I have to run in close range to use my claw attack to deal damage. This strategy requires you to learn enemy attack patterns, so you know when to attack and when to dodge as well.

Thymesia Boss List

Thymesia - The Varg Boss Fight


Odur Boss Fight – The key to beating odur, is to be aggressive. He has many long range attacks, and so keep rushing towards him and dealing damage.

Hanged Queen

Hanged Queen Boss Fight – The hanged queen is not that tough because she is powerful but very slow, just time your dodges before dealing damage and repeating.


Varge Boss Fight – Varg again is not too tough to defeat as he is slow, simply wait for him to use his sword attacks and there is a long period of time for you to attack him while he resets.

God of Fools

God of the Fools Boss Fight – This is not your regular boss fight, you need to make it to the end of the level to defeat him, just be careful and take your time and you will be fine, make sure to kill every enemy to recharge you energy and consider using the bow to long range attack the cysts.

Sound of The Abyss

Sounds of the Abyss Boss Fight – The easiest boss by far, there is a small area to hide in, that requires you to run out the way only a few times in the entire fight.


Urd Boss Fight – The toughest boss in game. The key is patience, as she will avoid half of your attacks and claw attacks as well. Her moves are quite predictable though and so slowly dealing damage when you can and then backing off is the best strategy.

Mutated Odur

Mutated Odur Boss Fight – He has lots of attacks and big attack range, but the damage he deals is low and he only has one phase. I did a terrible job of dodging his attacks and survived easily by using potions. Like the regular odur, be aggressive and rely on potions instead of dodging/parrying for quick and easy fight.


Corvus Boss Fight – The final boss is yourself and is not very difficult, I beat him 21 times in a row without dying to get my character to level 50 for the peak performance trophy/achievement and its simply a matter of learning his plague weapons and knowing when to attack and when to dodge.

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