The True Loyalist – Far Cry 6

The True Loyalist – Far Cry 6

A complete weapons guide for the Unique The True Loyalist Shotgun in Far Cry 6. Including how to get the weapon, stats, gameplay and more.

The True Loyalist
The True Loyalist

How To Get

Found in the Gran Finca Power Station in Cielo Gardens.


Devastating at short range, imprecise at long range




When I was young I had a book about an Indian patriot, who named himself “The Free” when wrongfully arrested by police. I was proud to burn it along with the rest of my impure belongings when I was awakened to Castillo’s truth. But the story always stuck with me, and I commissioned this “elephant gun” to honor that proud figure. There’s no elephants in Yara. But I can think of a few things to shoot with it anyway.

J. Aguila

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