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Borderlands 3 – The Butcher Legendary Weapon

The Butcher is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3 that is highly sought after by players due to its unique mechanics and high damage output. In this guide, we will take a closer look at The Butcher, its stats, how to obtain it, and how to use it effectively in the game.

What is The Butcher Legendary Weapon?

The Butcher is a shotgun that fires multiple pellets at once, dealing high damage to enemies at close range. What sets The Butcher apart from other shotguns in the game is its unique ability to fire additional rounds while continuously holding down the trigger. This mechanic, combined with the shotgun’s high fire rate, makes it a devastating weapon in the hands of a skilled player.

In addition to its unique mechanics, The Butcher also has a high base damage, making it an excellent choice for taking down tough enemies such as bosses and Badasses. However, the weapon’s accuracy and range are somewhat limited, making it less effective at longer distances.

The Butcher Legendary Weapon
The Butcher Legendary Weapon

How to Obtain The Butcher Legendary Weapon?

The Butcher can be obtained from various sources in the game, including enemies, bosses, and loot chests. However, the weapon has a relatively low drop rate, meaning that players may need to farm specific enemies or areas to increase their chances of obtaining it.

One of the most reliable ways to obtain The Butcher is by farming the Chupacabratch, a rare spawn located in the area known as Athenas. The Chupacabratch has a high chance of dropping The Butcher, making it an ideal enemy to farm for players looking to obtain the weapon.

How to Use The Butcher Legendary Weapon Effectively?

To use The Butcher effectively, players need to take advantage of its unique mechanics and maximize its damage output. The weapon is most effective at close range, so players should aim to get as close to enemies as possible when using it.

One of the best ways to maximize The Butcher’s damage output is by using it in combination with Amara’s melee-focused Brawl skill tree. The skill tree provides various bonuses to melee damage, making Amara a potent close-range fighter. Additionally, players can also use the Face-puncher shotgun in combination with The Butcher to further increase their melee damage output.

Another way to use The Butcher effectively is by combining it with Moze’s Bottomless Mags skill tree. The skill tree provides bonuses to magazine size and ammo regeneration, allowing players to fire The Butcher continuously without needing to reload.

Weapon Stats – Fixed Stats

  • Accuracy 71%
  • Handling 72%
  • Reload Time 3.1s
  • Fire Rate 8.51/s
  • Magazine Size 10

Other Weapon Info

  • Damage Stat: The weapons damage, and elemental damage is not a fixed number. The damage on any weapon is based on weapon rolls and character level.
  • White Text: These are your weapon rolls, they are variables that change weapon to weapon and you will need to farm legendaries until you find one with your preferred stats, such as extra critical hit damage etc.
  • Elemental Damage: Any gun is capable of having an elemental effect, the ability is randomised for weapons.
  • Red Text: Fire that off to me real quick.
  • Yellow Text: Some weapons have a yellow text, which means its anointed, the anointed attribute will be displayed at the bottom.

In conclusion, The Butcher is a highly effective weapon in Borderlands 3, with its unique mechanics and high damage output making it a popular choice among players. While the weapon’s limited range and accuracy can make it challenging to use in certain situations, its close-range effectiveness and ability to continuously fire rounds make it a formidable choice for taking down tough enemies. By using The Butcher in combination with specific skills and abilities, players can maximize its damage output and take their looting and shooting adventures to the next level.

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