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The 8 Best Weapons In Starfield

If you are looking for the best weapon in starfield, these 8 have the highest damage of each type, whether modified, legendary or basic vendor weapons, they still are the best to use.

Starfield - 8 Best Weapons To Get Early (Highest Damage Guns)

Eqinox the best laser rifle

The Equinox, is a laser rifle by Combatech, is favoured by Crimson Fleet soldiers for its potent energy-based firepower, excelling against armored foes with 13 Energy damage per shot and a 20-round 3kV LZR Cartridge magazine. While its rate of fire is modest at 50, it demands precision due to a wider hip-fired spread, making it unsuitable for spray-and-pray tactics. Its seven mod slots offer customization potential, and benefits from the Lasers and Rifle Certification skills for improved performance.

Big Bang the best shotgun

The Big Bang Shotgun is a remarkable Particle Beam Shotgun that stands out due to its dual damage capability, inflicting both physical and Laser damage, allowing it to benefit from skills that enhance both damage types. With good accuracy, a standard range of 20 meters, and an impressive 7 available mods, it compensates for its lower fire rate. While its base damage is already high, the potential for even greater damage output through mods makes it a formidable choice in Starfield.

Magshot the best pistol

The Starfield Magshot, a Pistol crafted by United Colonies and found in the Settled Systems, delivers a potent 53 points of Physical damage per shot. With a manageable mass of 2, it stands as a reliable sidearm. Featuring a fire rate of 25 and an accuracy of 62.80%, it offers versatility in various combat scenarios. The Magshot utilizes .43 MI ammunition and has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

Starshard the best particle beam pistol

The Va’ruun Starshard is a Particle Beam Pistol. This powerful sidearm boasts a damage output of 26 Energy damage per shot, making it formidable against a variety of targets. With a fire rate of 12 and a range of 30, it excels in both precision and versatility. The Va’ruun Starshard exhibits an impressive accuracy of 70.1%, ensuring accurate shots even in intense combat situations. It utilizes LIGHT FUSE ammunition and features a magazine capacity of 12 rounds. The weapon’s mass is a mere 1.00, making it a lightweight choice. its raw stats and capabilities make it a reliable addition to any playthrough.

Also if your looking to get this gun and the best melee weapon, the Va’ruun Painblade they are sold on the key during the crimson fleet missions. they do show at regular vendors but are much rarer.

Magsniper the best sniper rifle

The Magsniper is the ultimate Sniper Rifle in Starfield, with an incredible base damage of 304, which is nearly double that of any other Sniper Rifle. It offers a remarkable range of 100 meters and an exceptional accuracy rate of 86.1%, even without any modifications. When you add weapon mods, the Magsniper can reach an astonishing over 500 damage, extend its range to 120 meters, and achieve an impressive 90% accuracy. It’s simply the most powerful and long-range sniper rifle available in the game, making it the top choice for sharpshooters in Starfield.

Magpulse is the best assault rifle

The Magpulse rifle is a distinctive and potent firearm in Starfield. It operates on magnetic propulsion, firing a concentrated energy beam that results in a substantial damage output of 111, making it an excellent all-around weapon without the need for extensive modifications. While it excels in terms of damage and has a commendable 50-meter range, it comes with drawbacks such as a low fire rate and accuracy. Its unique strength lies in its versatility, serving as a versatile and high-damage option for various situations. However, it lacks mod support for features like suppressors and scopes. Overall, it’s a flashy and formidable rifle, capable of being your go-to damage dealer in many scenarios in Starfield.

Magstorm Best Heavy Weapon

The Magstorm reigns supreme as Starfield’s top heavy weapon, thanks to its potent damage output of 12 and a rapid fire rate of 400 rounds per minute. It stands out for its ability to equip Depleted Uranium Rounds, ideal for piercing heavy armor, making it invaluable against tough adversaries, especially on higher difficulties. Magstorm is effective at close and medium range combat, making it an essential choice for bounties and contraband missions, earning its reputation as the best heavy weapon in Starfield.

Va’ruun Inflictor best weapon

The Va’ruun Inflictor Particle Beam Rifle strikes an exceptional balance between damage, range, fire rate, and accuracy. With a base 70% accuracy and a 50-meter range, it deals both laser and ballistic damage, akin to the Big Bang shotgun, allowing you to benefit from skill perks that enhance both damage types. As a rifle, it opens up additional skill options from the combat skill tree to further augment its overall damage potential.
What sets the Va’ruun Inflictor apart are its high-level mods like the Focus Nozzle and Annihilator Rounds, significantly amplifying its damage output and cementing its status as the best Rifle in Starfield. However, it does have the drawback of requiring Heavy Fuse ammunition, which can be challenging to acquire or costly. Additionally, it’s a late-game firearm that typically becomes available from traders or as enemy loot at or around level 30. Beyond level 30, it becomes a top priority for Rifle enthusiasts.
To get this they drop from Va’ruun enemies and loot but usually only in high level areas of the game, like I found one here in the level 75 Huygens solar system.

Best Weapon Mods

Now you have your best guns what mods should you attach, the best mods are to get the guns to deal the most damage. Annihilator rounds -long barrel -amplifier -recon laser sight -and focus nozzle, if you equip these then this maximises the damage, of course you could be playing a stealth playthrough for example then your mods will be different this simply for maximum damage.

Best Weapon perks

For perks if your playing for legendaries then look out for three perks to maximise your damage output.

  • furious – consecutive shots deal more damage
  • Rapid – +25% Increase in attack speed.
  • One inch punch – spreads your damage like a shotgun blast, but on a fully automatic weapon, its the most powerful perk you can get.

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