Tales of Arise All Artifacts

Tales of Arise All Artifacts

Tales of Arise All Artifacts

Tales of Arise All Artifacts. Here is a list of all artifacts that can found in Tales of Arise. These unique secret items offer the player special cheats in the games menu. Each artefact can be found by clicking the link to a video guide.

Tales of Arise All Artifacts

Main Story Artifacts

  • Artifact #1: Crocodile Crusher

Calaglia Artifacts

  • Artifact #2: Battle Maiden’s Shield
  • Artifact #3: Vivid Sphere
  • Artifact #4: Glutton’s Code

Cyslodia Artifacts

  • Artifact #5: Broken Machine Gun
  • Artifact #6: Golden Fairy Statue

Menancia Artifacts

  • Artifact #7: Ancient Excavator
  • Artifact #8: Glutton’s Guidebook
  • Artifact #9: Golden Suit of Armor
  • Artifact #10: Hellmask Fiend Skull
  • Artifact #11: Devil Sculpture

Mahag Saar Artifacts

  • Artifact #12: Blade of Sealing
  • Artifact #13: Lucky Cat Statue
  • Artifact #14: Drum of the Legend
  • Artifact #15: Quivering Candles
  • Artifact #16: Glutton’s Maze

Ganath Haros Artifacts

  • Artifact #17: Drums of the Master
  • Artifact #18: Trident
  • Artifact #19: Golden Lucky Cat Statue
  • Artifact #20: Silver Suit of Armor

Random Artifacts

  • Artifact #21: Metal Miner’s Cap
  • Artifact #22: Machine Beast Statue
  • Artifact #23: Mechanical Doll Accessory

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