PUBG Season 5

PUBG Update 5.1

PUBG Update 5.1 For Xbox and PS4 Patch Notes!

Pubg 5.1 Update PUBG Update 5.1 is here for Xbox and PS4 Introducing Season 5 with a refresh of the desert map, Miramar! New content Includes a scoped Win94, map updates, and the new Vending Machines for dispersing support items, plus loot spawn impr...

PUBG Xbox PTS Update Adds Season 5 Changes

PUBG season 5 is playable now on the PTS for both Xbox and PlayStation 4 including the patch notes. The changes include an update to mirimar, with new features and overall map improvements. Changes to the spawn rate of weapons, mostly an increase to ...

pubg xbox season 5

PUBG Xbox Season 5 October Update Announced In Season 5 Trailer!

The next update to PUBG console is arriving soon with the announcement of the season 5 for the game. The release date was shown at the end of the new season 5 trailer. Here are the details of what we know so far. PUBG Xbox Update Release Date The new...

PUBG Update 5.1

PUBG Season 5 Revealed and New PC Update Patch Notes

PUBG Season 5 has been announced, showing off some of the new upcoming features including, mirimar rebalance, improved team mate gameplay and more looting options with a lot more to come in the future. Miramar Update A LA Muerte Vamos Track A race tr...

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