Stray: How To Get All B12 Memories

All B-12 Memories Locations Stray – Where to find B-12 Memories needed for the I Remember! trophy in Stray. The B-12 Memories in Stray can be found scattered around the game world in each chapter and you must collect them to unlock the trophy. Here is a list and location of all the B-12 Memories in game.

Stray How To Get All 27 B12 Memories (Memory Locations)

Stray: How To Get All B12 Memories

There are 27 memories to find for b12 in Stray, split into 5 story memories and 22 discoverable in the game world. The first memory, the postcard is discoverable in the game world but counts as a story memory and is not missable. All the remaining stray memories from the slums onwards are missable except the remaining 4 story memories.

The Flat

Stray Memory 1 Postcard – Story related and Unmissable


Stray Memory 2 Soup – Found on the second floor of the Duger Bar

Stray Memory 3 RIP Humans – At the end of the street with the Laundromat

Stray Memory 4 Tree – Located on the second floor of Elliot Programming

Stray Memory 5 Dead Robot – Located on the roofs after climbing up from the bar

Stray Memory 6 Back Home Poster – Found inside Momo’s apartment

Stray Memory 7 Human Art – Jump up in the alleyway left of Morusque (Music Sheets Robot)

Stray Memory 8 Ancient Artifact (All 3 Energy Drinks) – Purchase from the vendor with energy drink


A third Memory is located in this chapter but its story related and so not missable

Stray Memory 9 Neon Sign – You walk past it after climbing pipes once escaping Zurks

Stray Memory 10 Neco Corporation – Found next to Zurks that are trapped behind a fence

Dead End

Stray Memory 11 Wall – Found right at the start of the chapter

Stray Memory 12 Robot – Easy to miss, found before jumping over a fence after the trolley chase scene

Stray Memory 13 Docs Apartment – Found on a mannequin in Doc’s Apartment


Stray Memory 14 Sewer System – After Momo opens the door head to the hallway with zurks and take the first left.

Stray Memory 15 Giant Zurk Organism – After the room with all the staring eyes, head left on the pipes


Stray Memory 16 Language – Next to the sleeping robot watching TV


Stray Memory 17 Bookshelf – In a small makeshift camp at the start of the subway

Stray Memory 18 Nice Spot – Jump up from the alley with the robot with a cone on his head

Stray Memory 19 Barber Shop – Inside the barber shop next to the giant hologram

Stray Memory 20 Burgers – Inside the burger shop next to the Hologram

Stray Memory 21 Sentinels – available in the police booth, beside the hologram after you have completed the mission where you complete the factory to steal the battery.

Stray Memory 22 Nightclub – Opens up as part of the main missions, a small elevator behind the bar


Stray Memory 23 Jail – In an outside courtyard after trapping a sentinel, you cant really miss it!


There are 4 remaining story related memories that are NOT missable, simple complete the story to unlock them.

Stray Memory 24 – Story (unmissable)

Stray Memory 25 – Story (unmissable)

Stray Memory 26 – Story (unmissable)

Stray Memory 27 – Story (unmissable)

Can You Miss Memories In Stray?

The simple answer is yes, but you can return to collect previously missed memories by chapter select and replaying the chapter. If you are currently half way through a chapter, selecting a new chapter will reset your current chapters progress and you will start from the beginning of that chapter again, so keep that in mind.

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