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Steelrising Weapons: All Weapons Locations

Steelrising is an upcoming souls like game set in alternate history of Paris during the French revolution, a wide variety of awesome and unique weapons are available for you to destroy those evil automatons in Steelrising. Read on for a full list of weapons in game and their abilities.

Steelrising Weapons List

Saint Cloud Weapons

  • Charleville 1789 Shield Musket – Found In A Chest In The Gardens (Shield)
  • Nemesis Claws – Found in a chest in the Lantern (Counterattack)
  • Falchion and Sabre – inside a chest in the forest (Blade Tornado)

Les Invalides Weapons

  • Fire Chain – Inside a chest in Gros Caillou (invocation of Fire)
  • wheel of Vengeance – Inside a chest in factory port (Counterattack)

The Tuileries Weapons

  • Leda halberd – inside a chest behind Mirabeus Townhouse
  • Nemesis Fan – in a chest in Quarter de Saint Eustache

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