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Starfield Story Timeline Explained

In the ever-expanding universe of Starfield, a captivating narrative unfolds across centuries, leading players on a journey through the uncharted reaches of space. From the dawn of interstellar exploration to the rise of galactic factions, the story of Starfield weaves a tapestry of human ambition, discovery, and conflict. As we delve into the intriguing timeline that shapes this universe, we uncover pivotal moments, influential characters, and enigmatic mysteries that define the cosmic odyssey awaiting players.

300-Year Starfield History: Lore & Timeline to Game Start

2050: The Martian Genesis

The journey begins in 2050, with humanity’s pioneering footprint on Mars. Cydonia, a settlement nestled on the planet’s arid surface, becomes a beacon of human endeavour. As towering structures rise against the rust-colored backdrop, players are offered a glimpse into the spirit of exploration that will define the ages to come.

2100: An Ominous Exodus

Earth’s fate remains shrouded in mystery, prompting humanity’s mass migration to space by 2100. Amidst the ruins of St. Louis, a symbol of Earth’s decline, the stars beckon as a sanctuary for survival. This exodus sets the stage for an era of resilience and the eternal quest for a new home among the cosmos.

2156: The Alpha Centauri Triumph

A landmark achievement unfolds in 2156 as humanity successfully arrives in the Alpha Centauri star system, propelled by the revolutionary Gravition Loop Field Array. This interstellar leap marks the dawn of a new colony beyond Sol’s boundaries, igniting humanity’s cosmic journey and paving the way for unprecedented exploration.

2159: The United Colonies

The year 2159 witnesses the establishment of the United Colonies within the Alpha Centauri system. Anchored by the city of New Atlantis, this influential entity serves as a central governing force across the Settled Systems. New Atlantis becomes a symbol of unity, ambition, and the unwavering connection to Earth’s legacy.

2160: The Capital Emerges

The foundation of New Atlantis takes shape in 2160, subsequently earning the honor of becoming the recognized capital city of the United Colonies by 2161. As a thriving metropolis on the planet Jemison, New Atlantis symbolizes not only political authority but also the aspirations and unity of humanity’s presence in the cosmos.

2167: A Founding Legacy

Solomon Coe’s pioneering spirit leads to the establishment of Akila City in the Cheyenne star system, solidifying his role as a founding figure. This landmark event highlights the unyielding drive for exploration that fuels humanity’s expansion into uncharted territories.

2188: The Freestar Alliance

The Freestar Collective emerges in 2188, as Solomon Coe’s vision unites star systems under a new alliance. This departure from the United Colonies regulations marks a transformative shift towards autonomy and self-determination, mirroring the audacity of the wild west.

2194: The Narion Conundrum

Tensions escalate in 2194 as the United Colonies positions the Clinic space station within the Narion system, sparking unrest and the demand for its removal. The refusal of the UC triggers the Narion War, a protracted conflict that will shape the fate of the Settled Systems.

2196: The Narion War Ignites

In 2196, the Narion War ignites as the United Colonies dispatch a fleet into the Narion system in reaction to the Freestar Collective’s mobilization. The prolonged conflict culminates in 2216 with the signing of the Treaty of Narion, ending the war and formalizing the term “Settled Systems.”

2221: The Freestar Rangers

The Freestar Rangers are established in 2221, embodying the spirit of protection and investigation within the Freestar Collective. This elite force introduces a thrilling dimension of gameplay, promising undercover operations and detective-style quests reminiscent of classic tales.

2275: Constellation’s Genesis

Sebastian Banks establishes Constellation in 2275, birthing a legacy of exploration. This organization becomes a hub for spacefaring endeavors, driven by the enigmatic question: “What lies beyond?” Constellation’s profound impact on interstellar discovery sets the stage for future explorations.

2305: Barrett’s Entry

In 2305, Barrett joins Constellation as an adventurer, scientist, and explorer. He becomes the first member encountered by players at the start of the game, embodying the spirit of exploration in Starfield’s universe.

2307 – 2308: The Colony War Begins

The Freestar Collective initiates farming operations on Vesta in 2307. Diplomatic negotiations falter, leading to a critical escalation and the outbreak of the Colony War. In 2308, the United Colonies lays siege to Vesta, marking the commencement of a significant conflict.

2310: Constellation’s First Artifact

In 2310, a pivotal development unfolds for Constellation as they acquire their inaugural Artifact. These mysterious objects form a central element of the game, compelling players to unravel their secrets and contribute to the overarching storyline.

2311: The Colony War Ends

Following years of prolonged conflict, the Colony War effectively comes to an end through the decisive Battle of Cheyenne. This pivotal engagement marks a turning point, signaling a transformative moment in the struggle for dominance between factions.

2315: The UC Vanguard

In 2315, the United Colonies establish the UC Vanguard in response to the Freestar Collective’s civilian ship utilization during the Colony War. This initiative introduces a novel approach, emphasizing civilian participation in security efforts.

2319: Constellation’s New Members

The year 2319 witnesses the entry of Sarah Morgan, Walter Stroud, and Vladimir Sall into Constellation’s ranks. These additions shape the organization’s diverse talents and perspectives.

2321: Constellation’s Transformation

In 2321, Walter Stroud’s involvement within Constellation extends beyond mere participation, as he becomes a primary financial supporter, infusing the organization with the resources required to pursue its ambitions.

2322: Vladimir Sall Joins

The following year, in 2322, Vladimir Sall, a former pirate associated with the notorious Crimson Fleet, finds his way to Constellation. His unconventional background and unique skills contribute to the organization’s diverse pool of talent.

2325: Constellation’s Evolution

As Constellation continues to evolve, the year 2325 witnesses notable changes. Sarah Morgan becomes Acting Chair of the organization, reflecting her personal growth and Constellation’s commitment to fostering exceptional talent.

2326: The Artifact Unveiled

In 2326, Barrett uncovers the original Artifact within the Constellation archives. This discovery sets in motion a series of events that will likely shape the core narrative of the game.

2326: Noel Joins

Amidst these developments, 2326 also sees the convergence of Noel, a young and gifted scientist, who joins Constellation following months of correspondence with Sarah Morgan.

2327: Freestar Legacy

In 2327, Constellation’s roster expands further with the inclusion of Freestar Ranger Sam Coe and his daughter Cora. This addition connects Constellation’s narrative to the legacy of the Freestar Collective’s founder, Solomon Coe.

2328: Andreja’s Inclusion

In 2328, Andreja’s entry into Constellation adds yet another layer to the organization’s diverse talents.

2328: The Eye Acquired

In the same year, Barrett convinces Constellation to purchase Star station L-869, nicknamed “The Eye.” This space station becomes an iconic visual representation of Constellation’s endeavours.

2330: Embarking on the Odyssey

With the stage set and various pieces in place, the year 2330 heralds the commencement of the game’s narrative. As the player embarks on their journey, they join the ranks of Constellation, delving into the intricate and immersive universe of Starfield, where exploration, discovery, and intrigue await. This marks the opening chapter of the player’s own odyssey, as they navigate the challenges and wonders of the cosmos within the context of Constellation’s engaging narrative.

While the timeline illuminates the pivotal moments that shape Starfield’s universe, intriguing mysteries still remain shrouded in uncertainty. The fate of Earth, the shadowy Crimson Fleet, the enigmatic Red Mile, and the mysticism surrounding House Va’ruun continue to beckon explorers, promising untold revelations and unexpected twists.

As players prepare to embark on their cosmic journey, the Starfield narrative invites them to traverse a universe brimming with history, ambition, and enigma. With a rich tapestry of events, characters, and mysteries awaiting discovery, the stage is set for an immersive and unforgettable experience within the boundless expanse of space. As Starfield beckons, players prepare to venture beyond the stars and shape the destiny of a universe waiting to be explored.

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