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Starfield Player Homes and How To Unlock Them

In the expansive universe of Starfield, securing houses and property involves various strategies and options, each providing you with unique opportunities to establish your own space. Below, we delve into the intricacies of obtaining houses and property, offering detailed insights into the processes and avenues available to prospective property owners.

Starfield - All 8 Player Homes, Houses & Apartments (Gameplay Showcase)

Starfield – All 8 Player Homes, Houses & Apartments (Gameplay Showcase)

In Starfield, players can own any number of homes, mixed between houses, apartments, and even a shipping container with a bed in it. In this guide, I’m going to list all the properties you can buy, how much they cost, how to get them, and where they are found. Plus showcase each of the houses.

Dream Home – Nesoi

  • Price: 125,000
  • System: Olympus
  • Planet: Nesoi
  • Value: Exceptional

The Dream Home is available to players at the beginning of Starfield. It’s yours if you take the Dream Home Trait, but you must do this during the character creation process at the start of the game. Once you choose the trait, you’ll get the Dream Home quest after meeting Constellation that asks you to see Landry Hollifeld in New Atlantis about your mortgage. Track the quest, and the game will guide you from there.

Sky Suite – Neon

  • Price: 235,000
  • System: Volii
  • Planet: Volii Alpha
  • City: Neon
  • Value: Abysmal

You can purchase the Sky Suite from Boone Morgan, the bartender at the Astral Lounge in Neon. You’ll need to pay 235,000 Credits on the spot to purchase the Sky Suite. Once your purchase is complete, leave the Astral Lounge, go down the stairs, then turn left and take the elevator in the Neon Trade Tower to the Sky Suite. This is your new home, an overpriced, tiny apartment with the worst view you can imagine. Buyer beware.

Sleepcrate – Neon

  • Price: 6,500
  • System: Volii
  • Planet: Volii Alpha
  • City: Neon
  • Value: Smells like teen spirit

You can buy a Sleepcrate on Neon for 6,500 Credits. To do this, head to Ebbside by taking the door to the right of the Enhance location where you can change your appearance in the Neon Core. Speak with Izna Sundararaman and purchase the Sleepcrate. She’s sitting at the desk at the Sleepcrate HQ if you can call it that.

Core Manor – Akila City

  • Price: 78,000
  • System: Cheyenne
  • Planet: Akila
  • City: Akila City
  • Value: Solid

You can purchase the Core Manor in Akila City from Ngodup Tate. He’s standing in the yard of the Core Manor, which is located right beside The Rock, the tall building at the end of the main street. Walk towards The Rock but head up the stairs to the left and look for Tate standing outside the Core Manor, which has a low brick fence.

Stretch Apartment – Akila City

  • Price: 45,000
  • System: Cheyenne
  • Planet: Akila
  • City: Akila City
  • Value: Price is right

The Stretch Apartment might be the best value for a home in Akila City. Purchase it from Ngodup Tate, who is standing in the yard of the Core Manor. You can find him on the left just past The Rock, the tall building at the end of the main street. Once you buy the Stretch Apartment, head to your quests and to the Activity tab. Track an Activity called Visit your new home in Midtown Akila City.

Parents House

  • Free

If you choose the kids trait perk, you can stay at your parents house in your childhood bedroom, located in the pioneer tower in new Atlantis residential district.

Well Apartment – The Well

  • Price: 30,000
  • System: Alpha Centauri
  • Planet: Jemison
  • City: New Atlantis
  • Value: Low-level smuggler

If you’d like to purchase the Well Apartment, you’ll need to do the UC Vanguard questline initiated by talking to Commander John Tuala in the MAST building of New Atlantis. Once you complete the questline up to Friends Like These, you’ll become a UC Citizen and will be able to purchase property in New Atlantis. Speak to Zora Sangweni from Aphelion Realty (just across from the MAST building) to buy this property.

Mercury Tower Penthouse – New Atlantis

  • Price: Free
  • System: Alpha Centauri
  • Planet: Jemison
  • City: New Atlantis
  • Value: Can’t be beat

The Mercury Tower Penthouse in New Atlantis is free, but it sits at the end of a long quest in Starfield. However, there is no denying it is the best home available in the game given not only the price, but the rewards you’ll earn and the stories that will unfold along the way.

To begin this quest, speak to Commander John Tuala and agree to join the Vanguard. You should speak to him right after meeting the Constellation group and getting Sarah Morgan as your companion. While talking to him, agree to join the Vanguard, complete your training, and take the oath. You will then need to complete the following UC Vanguard quests…

Dream Home Location

Starfield - How To Find Your Dream Home (Showcase)

Purchase Residences in Prominent Urban Centres

Within the bustling major cities of Starfield, the prospect of acquiring houses is a tangible reality. The acquisition of these properties is contingent upon your financial capacity, as the price of the houses is directly related to the credits you possess. Regardless of the city you find yourself in, the option to purchase houses is open to those who possess the requisite credits.

Starfield Player Homes and How To Unlock Them

Earning Houses Through Quest Achievements

Embarking on quests in Starfield can prove to be a fruitful endeavour beyond mere experience points. A notable avenue for securing houses involves completing specific quests that offer property as a reward. Moreover, within the intricacies of the game’s narrative, a tantalizing hint has been dropped, suggesting that at least one house requires the fulfilment of a unique condition or achievement, further enriching the quest for homeownership.

Possessing the Coveted Dream Home Trait

Starfield – Dream Home Trait: Embarking on your cosmic journey, you may be blessed with the Dream Home trait, which presents you with a residence right at the commencement of your adventure. However, this seemingly providential abode comes with a catch—a mortgage. Successfully managing this financial obligation is crucial as you endeavour to fully own your dream abode.

Investing in the Acquisition of Houses

The notion of purchasing houses is not an idle fantasy but a confirmed possibility. As established in the Dev Q&A, the acquisition of houses and property spans multiple cities across the game. Diverse pathways exist to obtain these abodes, thereby catering to various gameplay styles and preferences.

embarking on the journey to acquire houses and property within the dynamic universe of Starfield involves a multifaceted approach, each aspect intricately woven into the gameplay experience. Whether you choose to make calculated purchases in urban centers, achieve milestones through quests, leverage the Dream Home trait, or explore various other avenues, the cosmos is yours to claim. The Dev Q&A provides the resounding affirmation that homeownership is a tangible achievement, a testament to the game’s depth and immersive world-building. So, prepare to embark on this remarkable quest for property acquisition and create your indelible mark within the vast expanse of Starfield.

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