Star Wars Squadrons Prologue Missions Gameplay

Gameplay of the prologue missions for star wars squadrons excluding cinematics. These are gameplay videos only and are intended as a walkthrough guide for any player needing help. Future missions in star wars squadrons have medals to achieve which the prologue does not have.

Prologue Missions

  • Prologue I – Lord Vader’s Command
  • Prologue II – A call to Rebellion

Prologue I Lord Vader’s Command

After the destruction of Alderan, Helix squadron -led by captain Lindon Javes – has been ordered to destroy a convoy of Alderaanian refugees in order to demonstrate that the rebellion will not be tolerated. Go to foster haven and find the convoy.

Prologue II A Call to Rebellion

Flying with the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Squadron, you have received a distress from the Alderaanian refugee convoy. Go to foster haven and protect the refugees from the imperial destroyer vigilance.


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