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Star Wars jedi Survivor Weapons: All Lightsabers, Blasters & Rifles

Star Wars jedi Survivor Weapons – As Cal Kestis journeys through the galaxy, he is met with a wide array of challenges, ranging from deadly creatures to powerful enemy soldiers. However, armed with a variety of weapons, he is more than capable of taking on whatever the galaxy throws his way.

At the heart of Cal’s arsenal lies the iconic lightsaber, a weapon that is synonymous with the Jedi and Sith alike. With its signature glowing blade and its ability to deflect blaster bolts, the lightsaber is a powerful tool that is both elegant and deadly. As Cal progresses through the game, he has the option to customize his lightsaber with various components, allowing him to fine-tune its abilities to suit his needs.

However, the lightsaber is not the only weapon in Cal’s arsenal. Along his journey, he comes across a variety of blasters, ranging from small pistols to powerful rifles. While the lightsaber is an excellent weapon for close-range combat, blasters allow Cal to take out enemies from a distance, giving him a tactical advantage in certain situations.

But Cal’s abilities don’t stop at mere physical weapons. As a Jedi, he is also able to harness the power of the Force, a mysterious energy that permeates the galaxy. With his Force powers, Cal can manipulate the environment around him, using Force push to send enemies flying or Force pull to bring distant objects closer. He can even use the Force to slow down time, allowing him to dodge attacks or line up the perfect shot.

In the end, Cal’s arsenal is a reflection of his skill and determination. With his lightsaber, blasters, Force powers, and melee weapons, he is a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking on any challenge that comes his way. The galaxy may be a dangerous place, but with Cal Kestis on the job, it’s a little bit safer.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Weapons

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Weapon Cosmetics

Lightsaber Materials

Lightsaber Switch’s

Lightsaber Emitters

Lightsaber Grips

Lighstaber Pommels

  • Duellist – Phoni’Qi Caverns, Koboh
  • Hunter – The gorges secret rumor

Lightsaber Vents

  • Hunter – The gorges secret rumor

Star Wars jedi Survivor Weapons List

Weapons are tools that the game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, can use to fight enemies and overcome obstacles, including his lightsaber and blaster, here is the full list:


  • Rebel Hero Lightsaber – Deluxe version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivors
  • Hermit Lightsaber – Pre-ordering Star Wars Jedi: Survivors


  • Combustion Blaster – Pre-ordering Star Wars Jedi: Survivors
  • Quickdraw Blaster – Found in Souther Reach On Koboh


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